Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not just a baby, a kid

I absolutely adore the period when a baby is between six months and 18 months old. There is just something about that year that is so amazing to watch. That's when they hit so many cool milestones like crawling, walking, eating real food, first words, first birthday, etc. There's something new to get into every single day, and every experience is a learning experience.

I'm having so much fun watching Jordan's personality develop. It's neat to see how he's SO different from the way Logan was as a toddler, and in some ways he is similar to the way Logan was.

He likes to remove his socks. He can't stand to leave socks on. Neither does Logan, even now.

He likes to look at books, but he's really rough on them. Still, it melts my heart to see him enjoying his books.

One thing my mom actually noticed is that he seems to prefer things that are yellow. It's true! Out of his grocery cart, he always picks out the banana, the corn or the lemon to carry around. He likes his yellow musical giraffe, too. Often I will find him carrying around some random yellow thing, like a cup or a block or my silicone spatula. I got him a yellow T-shirt for his Easter basket.

He also really really likes fruit, but that doesn't surprise me because I craved an insane amount of fruit when I was pregnant with him. Like five or six pieces of fruit a day. I remember when peaches were in season when I was pregnant, the guy at the farmer's market would see me coming each week and he'd pull out my basket of peaches (and he always added a few extra for me.) When fall came, I switched to apples, and BOY would I get CRABBY if I didn't get at least three big Honeycrisp apples a day.

I think Jordan's favorite thing in the whole world is his brother. Everything Logan does is just golden, and gets a big smile out of him.

He really likes Daddy, too. Daddy is way more fun than Mommy!

(He was actually screaming with joy in this photo)

One thing he DOESN'T like is when I take his paci away.

Mean Mommy took my paci! (Oh that pitiful face!)

Give it back! (Yes, I was dangling it above him, like he's a puppy or something. I told you, I'm Mean Mommy!)

Ahhh... peace.

I love the things he's learning. He isn't saying or signing many words, but he has his own little quirks.

Anytime I ask him a question, he shakes his head "no" when he means "yes." I just don't think he can get the concept of moving his head up and down.

When he's had a sippy cup and I can't find it, it's almost always in the bathtub. I don't know why, but he loves to toss his cups in the tub.

He has a thing for night lights, which is annoying. For some reason, whatever he does to them--drools on them, maybe?--makes them burn out, instantly. I need to invent a night light that somehow locks into the outlet. we've been replacing the bulbs every week!

He also has a thing for shoes, and Logan did too. Jordan likes to put them in his mouth, though. GROSS! Every time I turn around, he has one of Logan's shoes and he's chewing on it. As a matter of fact, Jordan is the king of putting gross stuff in his mouth. I have to watch him like a HAWK. I once peeled a bright orange Schwan's reminder sticker off the roof of his mouth.

Yes, my little Jordan is growing up so quickly and I'm having a ball watching him, even though he wears me out.

Little kids are so cool, aren't they?