Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pretending it's spring = FAIL!

So, this morning I asked Logan what he wanted to do today. Go swimming? Go for a walk at the park? Whatever.

He replied that he wanted to go for a jog to a playground.

Cool! Bonus exercise! Fresh air! Good Mommy points!

So, I bundled us all up and dug the jogging stroller out of the dusty corner of the garage and picked spider webs and eggs and random nastiness off it and threw it in the trunk.


Where the heck did the bungee cord go?

Sometimes I really wish I had an SUV or something with some SPACE. I can't even take the wagon to the park because my trunk is tiny. (I have a Pontiac G6, by the way.)

Oh well. We'll just drive slow. It's only like 4 miles to the library, where I had planned to park.

So, we drove slowly with the hazard lights on and parked at the library. Got Jordan, who was already asleep, into the stroller. Started jogging through town. Realized one of the rear tires on the jogging stroller was totally flat.

Oh well. There's a tire place at the other end of town. We'll stop there to get it pumped up. (They've done it for me before).

Logan's already whining that he can't run anymore and we've only gone two blocks.

Get to the tire place. They try to pump the tire up but it immediately goes flat when they do. Guy tells me tire tube is ruined. Yay.

We're almost to the park anyway. Let's just keep going. We made it this far.

Hey! Why don't people clear their sidewalks? So here I am steering a flat-tired jogging stroller through slushy snow.

Made it to playground! Played on swings and stuff for a few.

Had a water break.

Headed back through town (.9 miles to go) toward the car.

Saw a squirrel trying to chew its way into someone's garage.

Jordan is crying.

Logan is whining.

Logan almost walks in front of a car.

Logan wants to push the stroller. I let him. He pushes it repeatedly into downtown buildings.

Jordan REALLY starts screaming.

I take Jordan out of the stroller and carry him.

Now Logan won't push the stroller, so I am holding a screaming baby who is also thrashing, AND trying to push a flat-tired stroller.

Logan falls on the ice. Cries.

I seriously contemplate running out in front of an oncoming truck to end my misery but instead decide going home and making sugar cookies will help.

We make it to the car. Head home. Jordan DOES NOT fall asleep.

I drop stroller off at home and continue driving.

Jordan falls asleep.

We made it home.

The sugar cookie dough is chilling as I write this.

Attempt at pretending it's spring and a nice day to play outside = FAIL.

Oh well. At least we walked (and jogged a little) for 1.8 miles and got a bit of fresh air.

And I'm baking. So at least that will earn me some Good Mommy points.

If the boys get any of the cookies, that is.