Monday, March 15, 2010

A fruity family!

Do you ever go to the grocery store and sigh as you pile things onto your cart? Do you get to the checkout and feel amazed because you spent so much money on one certain thing, whether it's meat or produce or whatever?

I do, with fruit.

We eat a lot of fruit in this family of four, and what's interesting is that Logan doesn't eat ANY fruit. None at all. He will occasionally eat some watermelon or some straight-off-the-bush raspberries, but for the most part he shuns fruit entirely. (Luckily, he likes a variety of vegetables, so I don't worry too much). He even hates the smell of fruit so much, he runs out of the room if anyone's eating an apple or banana.

Jordan? He could eat fruit at every meal, which doesn't surprise me a bit because that's what I craved in a big, bad way when I was pregnant with him.

Hubby takes three pieces to work with him every day in his lunch box, along with some trail mix and a sandwich.

So, Hubby eats three pieces, I eat probably two a day (I could SO eat more, but I try not to just because we go through so much!) and Jordan eats one to two a day. That's AT LEAST six to seven pieces of fruit a day for this family! For Monday through Friday, that would be 30-35 pieces of fruit. By Friday, we're lucky if there's an apple and a banana left in the fruit bowl.

And boy, is fruit expensive! Especially because we LOVE Honeycrisp apples. They're $2.99 a pound, though, right now, so we've been trying other kinds. Otherwise we were spending something ridiculous like $15 a week on apples.

Got a couple good deals this week. A 3-pound bag of Michigan Empire apples was only $1.50, and they're pretty small. A 3-pound bag of oranges was on sale for $3.

Anyway, this is what our weekly stash looked like yesterday after I put the groceries away.

Just thought I'd share. We're kind of a fruity family!


Pink Haired Momma said...

YUM! We eat lot of fruit here too. I get it at a local farmers market, but you are right it is not cheap! But it is so yummy!