Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas continues...

Did you have a Merry Christmas? Ours is like the Energizer bunny. It just keeps going and going and going...

We're headed to Nana's today (my mother-in-law) for another celebration and will be going up north to see my folks soon, too.

Yesterday morning was pretty fun. Logan tried to get up at 6 and I told him it was still the middle of the night, so he went back to bed until 7:30. As far as Hubby and I, he got an hour or so of sleep and I on't think I slept at all dealing with sick Jordan.

Hmmm... Did I blog about that at all? Twas the night before Christmas Eve...

Yes, at about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday (Christmas Eve Eve) I realized Jordan had a fever of about 101.5. I called the pediatrician but he had just left until Monday, so I called the urgent care clinic to see if they were open Christmas Eve. They were to open at 8 a.m. I just had this feeling it was going to get bad overnight, and it did. Feverish, screaming baby that would only relax if I was holding him upright, so I sat up the entire night in the chair with him. A very very long difficult night. He was hot, his breathing was harsh because of the congestion, and he just felt like crap. I felt so bad for him.

So Christmas Eve I was totally exhausted. I mean, I just CAN'T DO all-nighters anymore! Plus, whatever crud had taken down my family last week was attacking me, probably because I had no sleep and my resistance was down.

I got up and took him to the urgent care. Ear and upper respiratory infection. Went to Meijer and battled the crowd for about 40 minutes waiting for the amoxicillin prescription. Fun.

We went to my father-in-law's for Christmas Eve dinner and came home to do our thing. Logan went to bed (he was SO excited! It was precious!) and we finally just had to put Jordan in his crib and let him cry for a while so we could do the Santa thing. It was pitiful because crying made his throat more sore and made him more congested.

Anyway, got all that done and ended up holding the baby most of the night again.

Christmas morning came and we all got up. Jordan was extremely cranky and didn't care all that much about opening gifts. He does like his cube-bead maze thingy though. Logan had a blast tearing through his. He LOVES the Wii and Santa brought us a nice flat-screen TV to play it on! Neat!

So, that's about it. We spent the day playing with stuff and feeling tired and crappy. My cold came on full-blown. We had a beer with the neighbors in the evening, had dinner and went to bed. Slept a few hours last night. Jordan agreed to sleep in his crib, but he did wake up several times and require nursing to get back to sleep.

Here are a few Christmas morning photos

Jordan opening cool bead maze cube thingy

It's a Wii!!!!!!

Yes, indeedy, that IS a Snuggie!

Jordan got some sippy cups and figured out how to tip it up! Yay!

Jordan and "My Pal Scout"

Reindeer roadkill
(This was this huge NASTY peep-style thingy that tasted really bad. We threw it away. It did NOT taste like Peeps!)


Anonymous said...

Santa brought you a TV? He didn't get me ANYTHING!