Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cloth diapering, 1 1/2 months in

Well, it's been about a month and a half since I started cloth diapering Jordan.

Looking back at my post about Day One, I can see that things have indeed become easier as I got used to cloth diapers.

Back then, I was a little overwhelmed with the different kinds of diapers I was trying out. I have some preferences now that I've tried out a bunch of different brands and styles, which I documented here, here and here. Actually, as I've grown more comfortable with the diapers and used them more, my preferences have also grown. I have found that I really like my FuzziBunz diaper and I find myself "saving" it for night, naps and outings (AKA heavier wetting times) because it does a great job of holding in the leaks.

I still have some leakage issues with cloth diapers when I don't change frequently enough. I blame that partially on the fact that I desperately need to get a few more diapers. I try to "stretch" out the wear-time because I don't have that many, and that leads to leaks.

I have developed a washing routine that works pretty well. I use a dry 5-gallon bucket lined with a PUL pail liner for my dirty diapers and wipes. I keep it right in our half-bath with the laundry hampers, since that's where I go to dunk the messy diapers in the toilet. I keep a dollar-store silicone spatula right in the holder with my toilet brush next to the toilet in case I need to scrape anything, but generally just letting the diaper or liner soak in the toilet for a couple minutes will loosen up any mess and it will fall right off.

Every other day (or sooner if I run out of diapers) I will do a cold rinse with a little Purex Free and Clear detergent--just a little!--and then a hot wash with a little more detergent. I will run an extra cold rinse if there are still bubbles during the first rinse cycle. I have never had a problem with the diapers still being dirty after a cold rinse-hot wash-cold rinse.

I have, however, begun having problems with stinky diapers. They smell just fine coming out of the wash, but it seems like as soon as Jordan wets in them, they smell ATROCIOUS! It's not just a urine smell, either. At first I thought maybe there was something wrong with the BABY, but I soon discovered that it's actually the diapers. Now I'm experimenting with my washing, because I hear that can be caused by detergent residue. I have "stripped" the diapers by doing a hot wash with blue Dawn dish detergent (it required a LOT of rinses to get those bubbles out!) and now I'm preparing to try out samples of Rockin' Green laundry detergent.

I thought maybe Hubby would have a problem with cloth diapering, but he's gone at it like a champ. Of course, as the stay-at-home mom, I deal with a LOT more diapers than he does, but he's changed a few, even gross ones, without any complaints or mishaps. Really, it IS simple. As long as you have a cover and something to soak up the waste, you're good to go. I think in the beginning we all make it more difficult than it really is.

I have learned that if Jordan is going to sleep in cloth, he HAS to be dressed in either fleece pajamas or a fleece or wool soaker because he will wake up soaked head-to-toe otherwise. I have yet to find cloth diapers that can withstand his nighttime wetting.

I purchased a zippered wet bag and have used cloth on the go. I haven't tried them on vacation yet, and that will be dependent on access to laundry facilities. I would love to try one of the disposable liner-style cloth diapers, where you use a reusable cover and just toss the liners when they're wet/dirty. that will probably be next on my list, but I just can't shell out the cash right now!

So, this far into cloth diapering, I'd definitely call it a success. In fact, I've found myself "preaching" cloth on more than one occasion, and I have given information to three expecting women who are looking into cloth diapering.

Hopefully, I'm doing my part to keeping as many of those nasty disposables out of the landfills as possible!


Gwenn S. said...

Yay! I'm glad you are not having too many problems. Have you tried a soak cycle? I've used cloth for almost 7 months now w/o any issues.Here's what I do if you want to give it a try:

I use the whites setting, with it on autosoak, then I use the recommended amount for the load size (purex clean and clear) and double rinse. I almost always dry in the dryer on too.

Good luck!

Big Mama said...

I do not know you.... I saw your name on Lolly's blog... my name too is Krystal.. and I also live in MI and I also stay at home and cloth diaper....