Monday, December 14, 2009

Wasted weekend (with lots of pics)

Hey everyone! Happy Monday morning!

So, do you ever start a weekend with grandiose plans to get so much done and then Monday morning rolls around and you're like, uh, hey! what happened to the weekend?!

That's me!

Here it is Monday morning. The SAME laundry still sits waiting to be folded and put away. The Christmas cards are sitting there unsent. I haven't taken the junk pile to Goodwill. Hmmm.... what the heck did I do for the past two days?!

Well, on Saturday the boys and I played with the camera. That counts, right? Seriously, we were taking tons of photos of all sorts of nonsense. Just random glimpses into our day.

Like Logan realizing he could carry Jordan around.

Playing with Jordan's new toy from Auntie Mary

taking photos of my boys' feet

and Jordan's oh-so-soft, pretty lips (I LOVE his little lippies!)

Jordan throwing a fit

and other nonsense

Then, on Sunday, we went to the 11 a.m. church service rather than the 9:30 because the Sunday School kids did a Christmas singing program.

Before we went, I took the CUTEST photo of Logan in front of the tree. He looks like he's about 6!!! He LOVES his new tie!

I couldn't get any good photos in church. We were too far back, the lighting is weird and I didn't want to be super tacky and take any flash photos. The best I could do was this photo of the big multimedia screen, which is up against the gorgeous stained glass window at the front of the church. You can kinda see Logan in the front row.

After that we went to lunch with my father-in-law, got groceries and Hubby and I took turns going to the gym. Then it was dinner time and bath time and the day was gone!

I am still struggling with getting Jordan to sleep during the night. He is up SO MUCH and just wants to be held. He's so spoiled! I have trouble letting him cry long enough to fall asleep because it takes a really long time and he REALLY SCREAMS!

I also realized that I have a HUGE sugar addiction and need to just tough it out for a week or two until it's out of my system. I am rifling in the cupboard for something sweet way too often. Especially chocolate. I know the only way to really get rid of it is to go cold-turkey and I also know it's really really hard to do. I'm going to try, though.

I also printed out a water chart from so hopefully having a visual reminder will help me get more in.

It's Logan's last week of school before holiday break. He has his Christmas party on Friday and I'm making (from scratch) lemon bars! Yum! (Wait, those don't have sugar, right?!) I really can't believe Christmas Eve is only ten days away! I still want to find something fun to put in Hubby's stocking but he's being less-than-helpful with ideas. All I have to put in there is boring stuff. Boooo!

Oh well. Maybe inspiration will strike.

Well, I called it a "wasted weekend" but really, is quality time with your kids ever WASTED time? I think not! The laundry can wait! I have feet to photograph, darn it!

Hope you have a great week!