Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trying to stay positive!

Good morning!

Well, it's already one of "those" days. I'm going to try not to whine too much! Also, the post is probably going to be full of disjointed thoughts. I'm just not "with it" enough to feel inspired to write much right now!

I'm starting to get in that overtired mood where I'm crabby and snappy at everyone. I NEED to sleep. The night before last, Logan and Hubby coughed all night, while Jordan slept pretty soundly for a change (actually, he did all weekend). So yesterday I took Logan to the doctor and got him some hardcore cough medicine which worked like a charm, and after three nights of good sleep, Jordan decided to go back to the old up every 1-2 hours routine.

I am SHOT.

I was soooooo tired and cranky last night I couldn't wait to get to bed. But then the waking started. Last wake-up was about 3:40. I've been up since then.


I decided that if I was up anyway, and the gym didn't open til 5:30, I would go to Meijer and return this Wii game I bought for Logan for Christmas because I have thought about it and don't think he will like it that much (It's Diego, and he's kind of passing out of that phase) and try to find the Lite Brite I want. (I bought a flat screen Lite Brite which looks great EXCEPT it doesn't plug in. It runs off D batteries only, and the thing is going to cost us a fortune in batteries. No thank you! I want the one that plugs in!)

So I went to Meijer, totally bleary-eyed and annihilated feeling. Oh, sorry, Ma'am. The customer service desk doesn't open until 7.


Then I meandered over to the toy department, which was a mountain of boxes and an army of red-shirted employees. They were restocking all the toys. I found the Lite Brite spot. Cool! On sale for $10!!! Oh, they're out.

One good thing about going to Meijer in the morning, though, I was greeted by at least seven VERY FRIENDLY employees who actually seemed to be happy to be there doing their job! People kept asking if they could help me. Maybe it's just that I look like I'm on crack because I'm so tired. I don't know.

But anyway, I had four employees checking the mountain of boxes looking for Lite Brites for me. Of course, that's the ONE TOY they didn't get in today.

I have also been looking for that darned Crayola crayon maker. We have so many broken crayons and Logan really wants one of those to make new swirly crayons. I can't find them ANYWHERE!

I could probably melt them down myself in the microwave. I just am not sure what to pour them into to make them new crayons.

So, I wandered to the cookie aisle and bought some cookies for Santa. Logan wanted to leave the Voortman gingerboys. I told him Santa really wanted chocolate chip, but he wouldn't listen. Actually, Santa really wants a pineapple mimosa, but I didn't want to tell that to a 4-year-old! I did purchase some pineapple juice and a bottle of bubbly though! :)

Finally, I left Meijer and headed to the gym for a quick weights workout. Negative pull-ups KILLED ME! My hands and lats are screaming.

I actually have a New Year's Resolution. I want to re-do my horrible address book, which is so crossed-off and scribbled out I have a hard time finding a valid address for people. I want to add people's birthdays to it too. I used to be SO ON TOP of people's birthdays! I had a stash of Hallmark cards and actually used them. Now I forget people's birthdays all the time. I hope they don't hold it against me or think it's because I don't love them. I just SUCK at remembering them.

I can remember useless old phone numbers (like my neighbor's number was 667-0176 when I was a kid. It was changed when I was in elementary school. Same for my grandparents' number, which used to be 494-2311. It's not anymore, but I still remember the old one. And one time in college Hubby--then boyfriend--and I were shopping and he ran into a guy he knew who gave him his phone number. We didn't have anything to write on, so Hubby looked at me and said "remember this number." I still do. It was 370-3843.)

I wish I could delete dumb stuff like those old phone numbers from my mind and free up some memory for useful info, like people's birthdays!

Anyway, that's about it. Today I really would like to take some stuff to Goodwill and get the laundry and dishes done and put away (again...) I would love to go into Christmas with a clean house!

OOH! Almost forgot a VERY good thing for today. My friend (the neighbor girl) is coming home for Christmas from Colorado, and she is supposed to arrive in Detroit late this morning, so I should get to see her later this afternoon. Yay! I miss her so much! :)

Hope you have a great day!


Mellissa said...

Maybe you will get some sleep from Santa for Christmas!