Monday, December 21, 2009

Wow! Christmas week already!

Hi kids!

Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend!

Friday was Logan's Christmas program. Hubby surprised us by showing up. This was incredibly sweet of him. I mean, he got up at 5 or whatever and drove an hour to work, then left work, drove an hour back here to go to Logan's program at 10:30 (which only lasted 10 minutes or so!) and then drove back to work for the rest of the day. He was glad he didn't miss it, though.

I really need to figure out how to use YouTube (anyone have any idea how a tech dummy like me can get video from my video camera onto YouTube?) because Logan was The Star of the Show! He wasn't just singing, he was bound and determined to be the loudest, so he was SCREAMING the songs, in this goofy voice. He was yelling so hard, his face was turning red! I was laughing so hard I was crying the whole time. Everyone was laughing at him. The kid was hilarious!

The "Wise Man" (who I think was the pastor but it was kind of hard to tell for sure) brought him a Smithsonian dinosaur dig set. (We bought the gifts for our own kids and took them in a couple weeks ago). It said ages 8 and up, but I thought he would be able to handle it and he did. It was actually pretty neat. It was this block of hard sand, and he used miniature archaeological tools to chip and brush away the sand to reveal little bones that snap together to make a replica T-Rex skeleton. He patiently chipped away at that block for about an hour and a half, with me giving it a whack every now and then to help, until he got all the bones out, and then Hubby snapped the dinosaur together, and Logan's been playing with it all weekend. He named it "Bony" and he makes beds for it on the couch with blankets and tucks it in and stuff. It's actually quite sweet. That was $10 well spent, in my opinion.

Here's a little progression of the dino dig:

Just starting to chip away at the sand block

Some bones starting to show (Logan was so excited!)

About halfway there (this photo is creepy, I think)

Our friend "Bony"

Saturday we drove to Lansing for my family Christmas on my dad's side. It's a large family gathering, so we usually go to my Aunt Sue's or Aunt Katie's because they actually have big enough houses to accommodate everyone. (My dad has four brothers and two sisters, most of them have more than one kid, and the kids are starting to have kids! Lots of people!) I had a good time, but left feeling like I didn't get enough time to really visit with everyone. That's what happens when you only see a lot of your family once a year (which is pretty darn sad, really!) Plus, I completely missed last Christmas because I was on bed rest.

The drive home was really nasty. the roads had become a sheet of ice. There were people off the road everywhere and thankfully Hubby was driving. I don't like to drive at night as it is, and add rain or snow or ice into the mix and I'm a basket case. At times we were only going 30 on the expressway!

Yesterday we didn't go to church because Logan has this nasty cold that has him coughing uncontrollably. I will actually probably try to get him into the doctor today. Hubby was coughing all night last night, too, to the point that I gave up and slept on the couch (when I wasn't up trying to help Logan! I gave him cough medicine, Honey Don't Cough, regular honey, ice water, he had the vaporizer in his room, and still he was coughing so very hard. The poor little man!) Jordan, on the other hand, actually slept quite well this weekend! He had 7-hour stretches both Friday night and Saturday night, and then probably about a five-hour stretch last night. That's really good since I'm used to the every 1-2 hours business!

So, I am pretty sure I know what I'm getting for Christmas from Hubby and Logan... I'll bet I'm going to be getting SICK! The two of them have been coughing on me like crazy!

Poor Jordan. He REALLY likes to eat oranges, but is paying the price with a very raw behind. I guess I'm going to have to limit the oranges. He's been eating one a day. The kid LOVES bananas, oranges, peaches and pears.

Took the boys out in the snow for a few minutes yesterday. Jordan seemed to like it. He was "talking" in the sled. Logan thought it was fun to pull him around. Jordan didn't really like being out of the sled in the snow though. Probably because the poor kid can't move AT ALL when he's bundled in his snow suit! I took a few pics. I'll probably save them for Wednesday.

Oh, and Logan tested out some new monkey skills this weekend.

So I guess that's about it for me. Hope you all have a good start to your Christmas week!


MarciaG said...

Oh I would have loved to see Logan's funny! How awesome that hubby made it too!!! What a guy!
That dinosaur toy is really neat too. It looks as if it kept him very busy..always a good thing!
Miles LOVES citrus too.....I can only give him a few pieces at a time or he will pay the price too.
Have a great day!