Friday, December 18, 2009

Boy joy

Morning everyone!

Today is my little Logan's Christmas program at school, then the "Wise Man" will come and bring gifts and then there will be a cookie party. I made lemon bars. They came out a bit sticky, so I hope an overnight rest in the fridge helped set them a little bit more.

I can't believe Christmas is only a week away! We seem to have a lot of stuff going on this year, but we are soooo lucky that we don't have any family obligations on Christmas Day. We can just be together, the four of us.

I went for a run this morning and actually saw another chick out running in the cold and dark. I think she was running the same route as me (and the same pace as me!) but in the opposite direction, because we passed each other near the railroad tracks on one road and then halfway through my run, we passed each other again near the railroad tracks on another road. The route is a big rectangle, and the railroad tracks cut through the middle of it. Should have stopped and exchanged info. Maybe she'd make a good running partner! Then again, I've never been much for working out with a friend. I like to go solo, though I do like to run with Hubby when we're on vacation and stuff.

We just hung out around here for the most part yesterday. The boys were... boys! I wrapped some gifts and they played with "hoo-hoos" which is what I called the cardboard tubes inside a roll of wrapping paper when I was little. Now Logan calls them hoo-hoos. (The name came because I used to run around the house pretending they were a horn or something. I was shouting "hoo hoo" into it).

Boys, however, tend to turn them into swords. They SO learned that from Hubby.

Here are the boys with their hoo-hoos.

Jordan learned a fun new trick yesterday!

When I am in the bathroom putting on makeup or brushing my teeth or whatever, I usually bring him in there and give him a couple bath toys or something to play with. He has more fun opening the drawers and cupboards on the vanity, though, and he LOVES playing peek-a-boo (We call it "Where's Jordan?) in the shower curtain.


Well, yesterday, he crawled in between the toilet and the vanity and pulled himself up by using the flusher. The toilet flushed and Jordan looked at me in amazement. Like, "Did I do that, Mom?"

So, he had to test it out, and lo and behold, he flushed it again!

And again!

And again! It was so fun!

So, yeah, I smell trouble with this one. Logan never knew how to flush until I taught him after he was potty trained, and it served me well. Other than one Thomas train incident, I've never had to deal with a foreign object in the toilet.

I bet Jordan's going to make up for that!

We got a toilet lock with Logan, but the stinker had it figured out within minutes. Maybe we better try again, though.

So that's about it for me, I guess. I need to get showered before the boys get up, since I should probably be at least somewhat presentable for the Christmas program!

Everyone have a great day! And hug and kiss your kids often. Tell them you love them. You're lucky to have them, even if they drive you batty sometimes!


Gwenn S. said...

Ha, that's so stinkin' cute! My 2 year old will run after people bc he wants to flush the toilet LOL

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

cute pictures. ANd way to go running!! You rock!! Sometimes when I run (haven't in forever..) and see someone, I always think about stopping and talking to them and getting their number or something. But, then I never do. merry christmas! How special to be together just the 4 of you. I'm jealous of that! :)