Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Old Year!

As the days tick by on the way to 2010, I'm digging in my nails trying to hold on to 2009.


It wasn't a particularly awesome year, save one very important part: My little Jordan made his appearance on Feb. 7, 2009!

In fact, there was a lot of crap to deal with this year.

When the year dawned, I was on bed rest. Had been since Oct. 29, 2008, and still had another month and a week to go. Bed rest was awful. It was the longest, hardest winter not just for me but because poor Logan was stuck in the living room with me all day, every day. I couldn't take him anywhere or do anything besides read, draw and play games, and BOY did we play games! Lots and lots of games. UNO, Yahtzee, dominoes, checkers, Go Fish, Candy Land, Memory, I Spy, Bingo, etc.
Looking back, it really sucked, but it was also the last little bit of one-on-one quality time I had with my firstborn. In that small way, I cherish the memory of my bed rest. (Well, that and the REST part! Boy, do I miss that! HA!)

Also, during the last couple months of my pregnancy, Hubby picked up some mystery virus. Well, that's what the doctors are calling it, basically because they couldn't figure out anything that was causing all the havoc in Hubby's body. Whatever it was attacked a number of his organs, and he DID NOT FEEL WELL AT ALL for months. He lost a lot of weight, was in a lot of pain, had no energy, couldn't breathe, had severe night sweats, etc. They said everything from liver failure to an enlarged heart to pulmonary hypertension. He had fluid drained from his lung. He had CAT scans and a heart catheterization. NOTHING SHOWED UP. It was so, so scary. And then... It just kind of went away.
Really really weird, but I am soooooo glad that is over. It was many, many months of not knowing what was going on and worrying.

During that time, Hubby lost a couple family members. An uncle on one side and an aunt on the other.

Also, our relatively newly-finished basement flooded. But the damage wasn't that bad. We just had to pay to get the water sucked out and the carpets cleaned (twice, because it re-flooded!) and insurance helped with that. We didn't lose much, it was just a big mess. It could have been much worse!

But anyway, besides all that, we went on some great camping trips with our two boys this summer. Logan started karate and soccer and loved both. Jordan has been growing and reaching milestones and developing his precious little personality.

There has been a lot of good in this year.

Every year I get sad on New Year's Eve. I hate thinking about the passing of time. It depresses me. I want everything to slow down. I love this life and I want it to last and last and last!

So for the next few days, the last left in 2009, I'm going to think about all the good stuff that happened this year. There's plenty of it. I am sure 2010 will have good and bad times, too, but hopefully the good will outweigh the bad.

After all, it's really just a matter of how you look at it, right?

So, Happy Old Year to you! I hope it was a good one!