Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is Grandpa Santa?

"Mom, is that Grandpa or is that Santa?"

I guess a lot of us, when we become parents, kind of start thinking about how we're going to answer The Big Santa Question. That is, if you even do the whole Santa thing.

Well, we do, and to make matters a bit more complicated, my dad moonlights as Santa up in the Upper Peninsula, where he and mom live.

Logan only saw Grandpa as Santa his first Christmas, so he was too young to really remember, but I took the photos you see up above and they are part of a photo DVD I had made of Logan's first year.

We were watching that DVD the other day, and Logan furrowed his brow and took a closer look and asked if it was Grandpa or Santa.

"It's Grandpa," I replied, matter-of-factly.

"Is Grandpa Santa?" Logan asked.

"No. He just helps Santa out because Santa's REALLLLLLLLLLY busy this time of year getting ready for Christmas."

"Oh. OK," he said, and went about his business.

Cool. That was easy.

And Grandpa earned some major bonus points in Logan's book, because he personally knows and is employed by Santa.

I don't remember exactly when it was that I asked my mom The Question. I remember she was putting on her makeup and I was sitting on the toilet (lid down, sillies!) watching her like I often did. I asked if there was a Santa. She looked at me and asked if I really wanted her to tell me. That right there gave me the answer. I think I asked about the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, too. I don't remember being devastated or anything, just maybe a touch sad. Good ole Mom and Dad, though, still gave me presents from Santa after that.

I don't know when Logan will ask if Santa exists, or what exactly I will tell him. I guess I better start thinking about it.

For now, though, it's good enough to know that Grandpa works for Santa.

Santa's a good threat, too. I keep threatening to sell Logan to Santa, who needs a new elf to shovel reindeer poop. Logan insists Santa can do the job, but I told him Santa's too busy maintaining the Naughty List.


Here's a photo of Dad last year doing the gig at Seul Choix Lighthouse. Yes, that's his own beard. He started growing it in June! He doesn't have to use any whitener anymore either!

I love being Santa's kid!