Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I made a kid cry!

I totally forgot to mention yesterday, I made someone else's kid cry at preschool. I felt like a real jerk.

We were in the coatroom/waiting area before the door opened to let the kids in, and it was me, Logan, Jordan and three other adults and four other kids. Well, one of the kids was sitting on the bench with his finger so far up his nose it was probably touching his brain, and he was twisting it back and forth, so I said "Hey Caden, finding anything good in there?" and then I laughed.

No biggie, right?

Well, the kid turned bright red and just started HOWLING, real tears and all. I guess he's really sensitive. I said "Oh, Caden, I'm sorry. I wasn't making fun of you." and he screamed "YES YOU WERE!"


Well, I apologized to him and to his uncle several times because I felt like a turd. I mean, I made the kid cry! Geez!

So, Caden will probably hate me forever.

In other news, Jordan was saying "Uh-oh!" last night. It is SO SWEET to hear his little voice! I love it! Then, after dinner I had to strip his dirty clothes off and we were headed to the bath, but made a pit stop in the living room where Hubby and Logan were hanging out. The TV was tuned to the Christmas music station, and I don't remember what song was on. Jingle bells or something. So I was making Jordan dance toward his dad and back, toward his dad and back, and he was squealing and laughing so hard. It was the most joyful thing ever, a super happy dancing naked baby! LOVE HIM!

Looking back, I'm lucky he didn't pee everywhere!

Anyway, I am on a mission to get the Christmas cards out today. It's so late! I better get on it.

Everyone have a great day!


Gwenn S. said...

lol that gave me a good chuckle b/c I ask my 5 yr.old that all the time!