Monday, November 16, 2009

Cloth diaper review Part 2: separates

Welcome to part 2 of my cloth diaper review.

This one won't be nearly as long as the all-in-one review. This review will focus on the separate diapers and covers I have.

First, I purchased a pack of Gerber pre-folds at my local Wal-Mart (No, Wal-Mart didn't pay me to say that.) They were $12 for 12.

If it was the old days and I was stuck with these diapers, pins and rubber pants, I probably wouldn't be cloth diapering. But, these are the days that we have nice PUL covers to go with them, and that is SO much better! (I know this, because I actually tried the pins-and-rubber-pants route before I had any other cloth diapering supplies. It was awful!)

The quality of these prefolds isn't great. I have had them only about a month and a couple of them are already fraying a bit at the edges. However, I just fold them into thirds and use them as liners or doublers inside PUL covers or all-in-ones and I can't complain too much. They are bulkier than all the new-fangled microfiber and bamboo, etc. soakers out there but they do the job.

Next, I was on etsy and spotted this cute three-pack of PUL covers at the Baby Bustle shop.

I decided to purchase them, and inquired about diapers. The seller told me she used to make diapers and had taken them off her shop because they didn't sell well. She agreed to throw in three contoured diapers she had on hand so I could try them out. She sent a two-ply bamboo fleece, a two-ply hemp terry and a four-ply hemp terry, and they velcro inside the PUL covers.

These covers and diapers work pretty well. They don't have laundry tabs, though, so they create a horrible diaper chain in the laundry and the velcro is starting to show signs of wear because of it. I love the camouflage cover best. It's so cute!

Finally, I was in a baby shop in Rochester and found this Tiny Tush diaper, so I decided to buy one and try it out.

It's pretty fluffy and seems really comfy, but it requires a separate cover and that can get sort of bulky. It works well under Jordan's wool and fleece longies, though, because they'll catch any leakage we have and he can wear them around as pants.

The shop also had Imse Vimse PUL covers on sale for half off, so I bought this cute striped one.

It's pretty standard as far as covers go, I guess. It seems a bit fluffy, so it's not the best choice to go over something like the Tiny Tush if you want baby's pants to fit!

So that's that as far as the separate diapers and covers go. Next, I will be reviewing the three different wool or fleece soakers I got.


Melinda said...

Gerber prefolds stink!!!
I used them for the first few weeks with Brye. I had 6 infant CPF's but needed more. So not worth it. Did you have the gauze or the ones with the pads? The pads are polyester and not really absorbent. I did use them as inserts in pockets and as boosters. They did the job though. lol.
Most of them I now use as cleaning rags.