Thursday, November 5, 2009

Honey Don't Cough review

I first heard about Honey Don't Cough from my friend Marcia (who is, by the way, in their commercial. How awesome is that?!) She's been using it for a while for her kids, and has recommended it several times in her blog. Since Marcia tends to try to do the same things I do in raising her kids--namely keeping things as natural as possible--I trusted her review of this product.

Honey Don't Cough is a safe, natural way to treat a child's cough. It's nothing but buckwheat honey, packaged in single servings.

Cough medicines for children have recently been under scrutiny, and have been deemed unnecessary and possibly unsafe. Who wants to take risks with their kids' health? Not me!

When I was a kid, my mom would give me honey in hot tea when I had a cold, and I've used it to treat Logan's coughs since he was old enough to have honey (which should never be given to children under the age of one). I contacted the Honey Don't Cough company because I wanted to know why they used buckwheat honey, specifically. I wondered why it was supposed to be better for treating coughs than plain old clover or wildflower honey.

Jeff Chamberlain M.D., family doctor and CEO of Honey Don't Cough wrote back to me and said this:

"Honey has different properties depending on what type of flowers the bees get their nectar from. Bee keepers will often place bee hives in certain types of flowering fields so the bees get most of their nectar from one type of flower. For instance, the type of honey normally sold in stores is “clover honey,” because the bee hives are placed in clover fields. Buckwheat Honey is made by bees when the predominant flower they pollinate is the Buckwheat Flower...

Buckwheat Honey is darker, thicker, and has been shown to have more antioxidant properties, increased cytokine release (boost immune system) when compared to most other honeys. Buckwheat Honey is the best studied honey for cough, which is why we use it in Honey Don't Cough."

Chamberlain then sent me a free sample of Honey Don't Cough to try out.

Logan got a cold way back in September, and still has this nagging tickle in his throat that causes him to cough at night (I'm certain the thick layer of drywall dust from our current bathroom remodeling project isn't helping matters!)

Typically, when he starts coughing, I will get up, trudge to the kitchen, fish out the honey and a spoon, go to his room and try to get the honey on the spoon and then into his mouth without spilling sticky drops of it all over (a tough task!)

With Honey Don't Cough, though, I can just rip open a pre-measured package and squeeze it into his mouth. No mess! And in my opinion, it works better than any standard cough syrup. Plus, I know it's 100% natural and safe.

Honey Don't Cough isn't just for kids, either. It helps with grown-up coughs, too. The thick honey coats your throat, and is very soothing. Plus, it tastes really good! Logan never fights me on taking it for his coughs because it's not "yucky."

Visit the Honey Don't Cough Web site to learn more about why honey is better than cough syrup and to find out where you can purchase this product.


Jeff Chamberlain M.D. said...


Thank you for such a wonderful review. The business aspect of starting and running Honey Don't Cough can be very time consuming and sometimes even frustrating. When we hear stories like you, where Honey Don't Cough is helping families, it makes it worth while.

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