Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving's over... or is it?

Well, the big long weekend of football and turkey and overeating is finished for another year, but do me a favor. Please don't stop being thankful for your blessings!

I was making my Hubby's lunch last night (I always make my Hubby's lunch. I love the idea of sending him off to work with something I prepared for him.) and I had this overwhelming wave of mush wash over me. I just felt so happy and thankful that I had him to make lunch for. I had to write him a note telling him what a wonderful husband and father he is, and that even though Thanksgiving weekend had come to an end, I was going to continue to be thankful for him every single day. I stuck the note in his lunchbox for him to discover today. I hope it made him smile when he read it.

I really am lucky to have him and my sons and this house and food and heat and clothes and TVs and a gym membership and so on. I am truly lacking NOTHING.

I intend to keep this in mind the whole year through and not just one day in November.

Do you do the same?


Christina said...

GREAT post! And so sweet what you did for hubby. I need to have a surprise note for Peter somewhere now. Hmmmm.....

Mellissa said...

Love that you wrote him a little note! So sweet :)