Friday, November 6, 2009

Bottoms-Up Baby wipes review

At first when I was planning my switch to cloth diapers, I didn't even consider using cloth wipes. It just didn't cross my mind for some reason. I blame it on being overwhelmed by cloth diaper choices.

Then, one day I was browsing through cloth diaper-related posts on Twitter (OK, I will admit, I was looking for links to enter giveaways for cloth diapers! Can you blame me?) and I saw a link about Bottoms-Up Baby wipes, so I clicked on it and was taken to their Web site. It sounded really interesting, especially the all-in-one kit that was supposed to contain everything you could possibly need to switch to cloth wipes.

I contacted the company and they were happy to send me a free all-in-one kit to try out and review here, on my blog.

When the kit arrived in the mail, I was impressed to say the least. These people had thought of EVERYTHING!

Here's what the kit looks like:

It contains the following:

25 all-natural cotton terry cloth baby wipes (5.9" x 5.9")
1 clean baby wipes container
1 clean baby wipes essential oil blend (lavender & chamomile)
1 dirty baby wipes container with mesh bag insert
1 dirty baby wipes essential oil blend (tea tree & lemon)
1 clean baby wipes waterproof travel bag
1 dirty baby wipes waterproof travel bag with mesh bag insert

I hadn't even thought about how I would manage cloth wipes when I wasn't at home, but the Bottoms-Up Baby people had already figured it out for me by providing the clearly-labeled "clean" and "dirty" waterproof travel bags. I thought that was so neat!

The next step was to try them out, so I assembled my kit (basically, all I had to do was put a little water in the "clean" container, a little water in the "dirty" container, add the essential oils if I wanted to, and add some wipes to the "clean" container. Not much assembly required!)

Then I waited for a diaper change. When it was time, I had the baby's ankles in my hand and realized I hadn't opened the snap-off lids on the wipe containers. It was a bit of a challenge to hold the baby still and open the snaps with one hand, but the cool thing is, Bottoms-Up Baby is already working on that dilemma! They are planning a hinged lid style for the next manufacturing run. For now, all I have to do is try to remember to unsnap the lid before I unsnap the diaper!

I squeezed some of the water off the wipe and warmed it in my hand (I'm going to dig out an old wipes warmer I have and see how that works because our house is pretty cold!) and used the wipe, and I can say I feel like it got my baby a lot cleaner than a conventional wipe, and it doesn't have to be thrown away!

Plus, if you use the essential oil, it smells awfully good. You're going to laugh at me, but I actually put a drop of the oil on my wrists as perfume one day. I can't help it, I love lavender!

The "dirty" essential oil blend smells great, too. I have found that if I put a drop or two on a dry wipe and put it at the top of my dirty diaper pail, it helps a lot with the odor when I open the lid.

So far, the wipes wash up nicely. They're soft and the size is just right. The company is looking into possibly using bamboo fabric in the future, which would be great, but I have no complaints about the cotton whatsoever.

The only problem I had with the kit, aside from the lid snaps, was that when I had the dirty wipes container lined with the mesh bag, I did it like a garbage bag with the top of the bag folded over the sides of the container. That caused a little of the dirty wipes water to bleed out and get the floor wet. It was no biggie, though. I just had to make sure the mesh bag was inside the box instead of hanging out. I will probably end up just throwing the dirty wipes in my dirty diaper pail anyway, and using the "dirty" wipes container to store my Snappis and the essential oil bottles, because the baby likes to try to get into them and chew on them. The snap-on lid should keep him out, at least for a while!

In all, I have to say I absolutely love this product and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to use cloth wipes on their child. They really did think of everything, and it makes the process really easy.

Click here to check out the Bottoms-Up Baby All-In-One Wipes Kit for yourself.


MarciaG said...

What a great product and review Krys!
I have never heard of these. "If" there is a baby #3 in the future I will have to rememebr about this product! I really love that it "travels" well too!

Lauren L. said...

I agree, what a great product!

I've been scrambling to find a useful baby shower gift, and here it is! I will definitely order this product.