Monday, November 16, 2009

Cloth diapering review 3: soakers & longies

OK, this is my last cloth diaper review (at least for now!)

I am the proud owner of three different styles of handmade soakers.

The first one I got was a pair of custom-made blue wool longies from the Snuggle Pants etsy shop.

I was a little hesitant about trying wool, because all I could think about was this horrid pair of itchy socks I have, but I'd heard such good things about wool as a diaper cover. When I contacted Snuggle Pants, she agreed to make me a pair and send them to me for the cost of shipping only, which I thought was extremely generous.

Stephanie at the Sweet Violet's Mama etsy shop also was very generous and offered me the same shipping-only option to try out one of her wool soakers. She made Jordan an olive green one.

After trying these two soakers, I am a fan of wool. This isn't the itchy stuff my socks were made from! Plus, it is AMAZING at keeping leaks contained! I love the longies style, because they are adorable and can be worn as nice, warm pants during this Michigan winter. I would definitely recommend wool as a cover to other cloth diapering moms.

Please check out both the Snuggle Pants and Sweet Violet's Mama etsy shops for your wool cover needs. They both upcycle old sweaters (I LOVE THIS!) to make their covers and oh my goodness, they both offer some incredibly adorable items. They're affordable, too.

I ordered a fleece lizard print soaker from the Wild Child for Babies etsy shop and it is so stinkin' cute, but then I tried it on Jordan and I had ordered the wrong size. It was too small, and I was bummed. On a whim, I contacted the shop owner and she agreed to make me a pair of fleece longies and send them to me for shipping only, even though the wrong-size order was my own fault. Wasn't that super sweet of her? She just requested I pass the too-small soaker on to someone who needs it.

I chose a traffic-print fleece and she made and sent my longies right away. They arrived and I have been using them constantly ever since. They are a little long for Jordan's stumpy little legs, but I just roll them up a bit. It gives him room to grow! They are super soft and comfortable for him and they do an excellent job of containing any wetness that might seep out of the diaper. I love love love them.

Aren't they cute?

I would highly recommend Wild Child for Babies' shop if you're interested in a fleece soaker (long or short). Check out her shop!

So, in all, I am extremely pleased with all three of my wool and fleece soakers and the wonderful women who produced them!


Melinda said...

I had the same thoughts before I tried wool. I LOVE it.