Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Diaper Dollars: The Cost of Cloth

After a flurry of clicking and buying and paying and researching and requesting freebies to review on my blog, I have everything I need to cloth diaper my baby (well, with a few more items expected in the mail), so this morning I sat down to tally up what I have spent.

The grand total is... $277.75!

Wow... that's a lot of money! It's like 28 weeks worth of Pampers Cruisers Size 3 (at a cost of $10 for 31 diapers.)

For $277.75, I got:
16 diapers that need covers (12 Gerber prefold, 3 contoured diapers and a Tiny Tush)
13 all-in-ones
4 PUL covers
a fleece soaker
a wool soaker
a wool longie
2 Snappis
a lidded 5 gallon bucket for dirties
a liner for the bucket
a Bottoms Up Baby cloth wipes kit (AWESOME! review coming soon...)
a drying rack
3 wool and 2 plastic dryer balls
and a wet bag for dirties

I also tallied per-diaper costs just for kicks and I came up with:
$10.58 per all-in-one diaper (cost includes four extra bamboo soakers I bought)
$2 per diaper that requires a cover
$7.13 per PUL cover
$4.75 per wool or fleece soaker
and $65.50 for various accessories
(But the drying rack and dryer balls were $38 of that and will be used for other laundry as well)

So, looking at that breakdown, I would say I did pretty well. If I cloth diaper for 28 weeks, it will be worth it. And I plan to cloth diaper now until he's potty trained, so it WILL be worth it and WILL save us money in the end. And it's good for the planet.


I'm waiting for my diaper pail liner, wet bag, set of 3 Smartipants, one FuzziBunz, and four WAHM all-in-ones in the mail. I think for now I have decided against the diaper sprayer. I found a used one for a decent price, though, and might change my mind.

Now, I've got a lot of fluff reviewing to do in the coming days!


Melinda said...

Buying diapers is one of my favorite hobbies.

You must have got a deal on the wool.
My wool alone cost me out the rear!

I've made it almost 5 years without a sprayer... so unless it's an awesome deal, you could probably do without. We also go without the liner for our pail.

Another way to look at the cost is that you can re-sell when you're done with the diapers :D Can't do that with sposies.

Good Luck, and have fun.