Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random ramblings

Happy Thursday!

I got up early and ran the last 3 days in a row. I haven't run 3 days in a row in a long time and I am just getting into running with my custom orthotics (for plantar fasciitis in both feet, if you missed that). Anyway, I'm feeling kind of sore. I have sore feet, a sore knee and a kind of messed-up neck/upper back area that has hurt since I had Jordan since I tend to fall asleep at weird angles when I'm nursing, plus I'm always lugging around a kid.

Anyway, it was really super hard to get up today and I decided I should take a day off from running because I am in desperate need of new running shoes. I went to the gym and did 20 minutes on the elliptical and about 15 minutes of weights. Neither felt very good, though, and I'm pretty sure I should have just taken a day off completely and stayed in my nice warm bed.

Took ANOTHER gym shower today! Aargh! I thought yesterday's was my last, but then last night Hubby patched up the tub boo-boo from the clamp falling off the windowsill, and the repaired spot needs 24 hours to dry. HOPEFULLY TONIGHT WILL BE THE NIGHT! It's been about a month now of no showering at home. It's beyond old.

Today I want to drive to Lake Orion to get some new running shoes, and go to Bed, Bath & Beyond to look for bathroom rugs and accessories because I haven't found any I like yet that match our new shower curtain.

I'd also like to finish sorting my stupid grocery bag full of paperwork. You know, the stuff that piles up on the counter and then someone's coming over so you stuff it into a bag to get it out of the way and then months pass and the bag is still sitting there and you keep stuffing more papers into it and finally there's no more room in the bag so you really need to sort all the dumb papers and find a place for them. Yeah. That one.

So with that, laundry, being mommy, etc., my day is spoken for!

Hope yours is good!


MarciaG said...

Have a FUN day..happy shoe hunting girl!!
You thinking about doing any races in 2010??
Hope your foot lets you!!

Krystal said...

I'd LOVE to do the Brooksie Way half marathon in October! It starts and ends on the campus of Oakland University, where we went to school, and the course looks really good!
Hubby and I were going to do it last year but I was preggers, and then this year neither of us was in shape enough to even train for it, so maybe 2010 will be our year! :)