Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Happy Tuesday.

I don't know what the deal is but I am just BLAH this morning! I got up at 5 and went for a 2.8-mile jog in the FOG and took a shower. Now I'm sitting here at the computer feeling kinda sick. There's even coffee upstairs and I don't feel like dragging my sorry butt up the stairs to get some.

My baby is a vampire, did you know that? OK, well, I'm not completely sure he's a vampire, but I am pretty certain he lanced me with one of his sharp new teeth (Number 6 made its appearance yesterday) while nursing, and it might be getting infected. I hope I'm not getting mastitis because I had it once with Logan and I was barfing and feverish for a few days. It was horrible!

Anyway, I have this wound on my, uh, right nursing region and it's EXCRUCIATING when Jordan is eating. I mean, it LITERALLY feels like he's biting it completely off. I can stand it for only a few seconds at a time and then I have to take him off. It's killing me and frustrating him! It was throbbing all night long. I just coated it with lanolin after my shower so we'll see if it helps, but if it's not starting to get better by tomorrow I'm going to have to go see someone about it. I am going to try warm sea salt water on it today, since that helps boo-boos heal. I made the mistake of putting a band-aid over it before my run today to keep the friction down, and darn it, the band-aid STUCK to it. ouch!

Today we have Logan's first dentist's appointment. I hope it goes well. We also have karate later. I wanted to try to get more Christmas shopping done, too. The credit card bill came yesterday, putting that grim look on Hubby's face. With a good chunk of the Christmas gifts, all the cloth diapering costs, some things for the bathroom project, new running shoes for both of us, gas, groceries, and other odds and ends like karate and stamps and a six-pack after I raked the leaves, etc., it was pretty bad!

Hmmm... not much else to report. Went to the gym last night for a few weights. Hubby made a not-so-subtle comment this weekend that "we" should do Weight Watchers again. Yeah. We. Sure. The man doesn't have any weight to lose! He's perfect! That comment came after we spent the day with my family and I was stuffing my face with Grandma's special shrimp dip and Whitey's fish! "We" my foot! He's probably afraid I won't lose the rest of this baby weight with the holidays coming!


We're staying home for Thanksgiving. That will be nice. Then before we know it Christmas will be here and all the craziness it brings. Then it will be 2010 and shortly after that, my baby boy will be ONE! Ugh. It seems like this year has gone by SO SO QUICKLY. I feel like I blinked and Jordan's babyhood was gone! He's going to be walking soon and I feel like I need to put on the brakes somehow.

Well, anyway. Have a nice day, everyone!