Thursday, January 14, 2010

13.1 here I come!

My half marathon training basics: Good running shoes (Brooks Defyance, complete with custom orthotics for my vicious plantar fasciitis), my trusty beat-up Ironman Triathlon watch, my iPod (TOTALLY a must. I CAN'T run without tunes!) and the lovely, inspirational 13.1 sweat towel I won in the Inperspire towel create-a-saying contest at Girl Get Strong.

Well, so far this year, I've run 14 miles. I'm averaging 7 miles a week. That's pretty much been a three-mile run and then throwing a mile in there during some other workouts either as a warm-up or a finisher. I haven't ventured farther than three miles in one run yet, but I'm going to have to get to the point where I can run 13 miles straight, without stopping.

I have a long way to go!

Luckily, I also have a long time to get there!

This is the race Hubby and I are planning to run in October to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary.

As of the time I'm typing this, there are 260 days, 19 hours and 39 minutes until race time!

I am nervous and excited about it, and I'm looking forward to being able to say I did it!


Christina said...

Oh awesome!!! I can't wait to follow along with you for it. That is such a cool way to celebrate a milestone together.