Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Body After baby update

Well, Since I technically only started *trying* to diet on Monday, this Body After Baby post won't be much, but I will be honest about a few things.

One- I took my before photos on Monday and they're *really* not pretty. I put on that same old bikini. The one I tortured when I was 9 months pregnant to get the HUGE belly photo.

Two- I am at the same weight I was when I started this blog in August! Seriously, girl. It's time to take some action and actually make a change!

Three- There are still so many Christmas goodies in this house. Our cupboard is so full of junk food! I am trying not to dig into it all day, but I have caved on a few things. We also have a huge plastic-wrapped box of chocolate cremes and caramels that my father-in-law gets us every Christmas. I friggin' LOVE those things, and will put away many of them if it's opened. We need to get it out of the house if I'm to stay out of it. I think I'm going to have Hubby take it to set out at work or something. That said, it makes me sad to just throw a way a gift like that. Especially one that I want and would enjoy. I really need to get working on that "Daily Chocolate Dispenser" invention that will only allow you to withdraw 2 or 3 pieces a day (In my head, I've designed it to work with Dove Dark Chocolate Promises). Please don't steal my idea! :)

Four- I took my jump rope to the gym last night intending to jump between weights exercises to make it more of a circuit, but I forgot to change out of my nursing sleep bra into a sports bra. The jumping, needless to say, did not occur!

On the plus side...

I have exercised every day this year so far, and I'm keeping track in this little Runners Log Book we got when we subscribed to Runner's World.

Jan 1- 2-mile run in bitter cold on icy sidewalks (not fun, and left me sore for days)
20 minutes easy on stationary bike (basically to thaw)

Jan 2- 20 minutes of easy stat. bike to warm up
upper body weights (6 exercises)
ran one mile on treadmill (9 min, 15 sec)

Jan 3- 20 min of high-intensity intervals on elliptical
lower body weights (4 exercises)

Jan 4- 30 minute treadmill run (mostly 6 mph) with a few small hills thrown in (finished at 7.5 mph). 5 minute walk to cool down.

Jan. 5- upper body weights (7 exercises)

So, at least I'm exercising like a champ!

As for diet, I decided I was going to follow the Weight Watchers Core plan, so basically I'd only have to track the non-Core foods I eat. Well, I've not been tracking it. I've been kind of keeping my non-Core stuff in mind, but not writing them down, and I've gone over what I should have as far as non-Core foods each day. Next step is to dig out a notebook and actually write down the Points foods.

I have been more mindful about the meals I eat for breakfast and lunch, but then, for example, last night, I ate handfuls of tortilla chips with my tacos. Not good! I could have at least just pulled out ONE serving and had that and called it good, but I didn't.

So, there's room for improvement! And that's what I'll be working on.

Samantha at Mama Notes, who is hosting this challenge, didn't post any mini challenges this week. She's dealing with the chocolate temptation too. Hop on over and check her out!


The Mumpowers said...

That is wonderful that you've been able to exercise every day! I have only been doing every other day, but that's better than what I was doing. I always send goodies out with my husband to take to work so it's not sitting around the house waiting for me to eat them. I love baking, so the guys at his work get a LOT of goodies. lol We keep one cookie/cupcake/whatever for each of us so we can enjoy it and then send the rest off!

Baby Signs(R) With Elizabeth ICI, INC. said...

We have a lot of Christmas candies and such laying around still too. A great way to get the unopened packages out of the house is to donate them to our troops overseas. Google "Operation Gratitude" They even take chocolate this time of year. They use candy for themselves and to hand out to the kids in the villages they patrol. I need to get a box together and send ours off.

Judson Family said...

Christmas treats and have to have will power.. I keep putting them behind closed doors in the cupboards..out of site out of mind... your doing great!!!

Melissa said...

Wow! You've exercised every day, that's great!
Keep that food log! It's the best way to make sure you are eating the right amount of food.
Great Start!

Lisa said...

WOW! You are doing awesome with the workouts!!!

As for the candy - JUST TOSS IT!!! If it sits there to be eaten, it will be eaten!

Val said...

I love tortilla chips. They aren't too bad for you but alot of servings can be.

Good job keeping up the fitness pat. I'm so not!

Trudie said...

wow, great that you can excercise each day! Keep it up!