Monday, January 18, 2010

Is it Coke or is it *coke?*

WHERE did the weekend go?

Honestly. It's Monday morning already? Ew.

Well, actually, today won't be too bad because I GET TO HAVE A PEDICURE!!!!! A REAL pedicure, not the kind where I sit in the tub scraping away at my feet and ripping my fingernails apart with a pumice stone, which just seems to make them rougher, then cut my toenails too short and finish with a couple quick layers of polish that inevitably stick to my sheets.

No, today's pedicure is at a SPA and my most wonderful Auntie Katie is watching the boys for me and I get to sit in a massage chair with my feet in a hot whirlpool and then get buffed and filed and massaged and masqued and scrubbed and lotioned and paraffin dipped and polished! OH YEAH!

So, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY* to me!!!

*Because this pedicure was actually a Mother's Day gift to me from MY mom, I just haven't had the opportunity to use it until now.

So, let's see... the weekend. OK, Saturday, Hubby and Logan had a fun day together. They went to Detroit and saw Monster Jam at Ford Field. It was a LONG day for them. They left here about 12:30 or so and drove to the D and got in line, then they attended the Party in the Pits, where they waited in line some more and Logan got to meet four monster truck drivers and get their autographs and have his photo taken with them and he got to give them the letters he wrote to them (SUPER CUTE). Then there was a couple hours before the show began, so Hubby and Logan went around the city on the People Mover (Public transportation, it's a train up in the sky. Kind of like a monorail. Shoot, maybe it IS a monorail, I'm not sure.) They ate some dinner in Greektown and then headed back to Ford Field. The show started at 7:30 p.m. and Logan usually hits the sack at 8:30 so it was a late night for him for sure! Hubby called me at 10:30 saying they were finally leaving Detroit. They made good time because they were home about an hour and 10 minutes later. I got up to tuck Logan in and he was SO EXCITED!

I'll share some pics on Wednesday.

As for me and Jordan, we took our #3, #5 and #7 recycling as well as the #1 stuff that our stupid county recycling program doesn't accept down to Whole Foods. I got him an untreated wood bowling set for his first birthday and that's probably the only toy he's going to get. We've requested a books-only birthday from family and friends. I hope no one was offended by that, it's just that we have WAY too many toys in this house, and frankly, not many of them get played with!

We also went to the Green Baby store in Rochester, which was having a sale, and I got him an orange Bum Genius 3.0 diaper for his bday too.

Then we came home and ate dinner (Got myself an Amy's Kitchen Cheese Enchilada Whole Meal. OH YUM!!!) and I took a bath with my baby and then we laid on the couch and he fell asleep in my arms while I watched "He's Not That Into You." Pretty crappy movie! I also went to TOWN on my closet and dresser and pulled out a laundry basket full of old worn out clothes that I haven't worn in years. I could actually part with more, but I'd be practically clothesless if I did, so it's going to have to wait. I am hoping to reward myself with a few nice new things once I drop the baby weight.

Jordan still hasn't been sleeping well. I am still reading the No-Cry Sleep Solution and am not quite sure how to get started. I think I need to re-read parts of it. I was trying to skip the co-sleeping parts because we don't co-sleep (well, on purpose, anyway!) but I think I missed something.

Yesterday we were all pretty tired. We missed church because Saturday was such a late night, no one was up and ready in the morning. I took Logan and got groceries and Hubby stayed home and held Jordan so he'd nap. Then I went for a 3.7-mile run outside and did some abs and lower back and then came home and hubby went to the gym. Really, didn't get much accomplished at all yesterday!

Got up this morning and ran almost 2 miles and then did upper body weights. Now I'm blogging and enjoying coffee and soon I'll be off to the shower. I can hardly wait 'til pedi time! Logan has to go to school first, though. Then we're off to Auntie Katie's!!!

Oh, and I must mention the Coke.

I am not a pop drinker. At several times in my life, I've had a soda habit, so I find it easier to just NOT have it at all, except the rare occasion we're on vacation and drive through McDonald's or something. If I don't have it, I don't want it... much.

With one exception.

McDONALD'S COKE! I don't know WHAT it is about the fountain Coca-Cola at Mickey D's. I have heard they have a special recipe, but I'm not sure. There is something about the Coke from that place, though, that is SO FRIGGIN' GOOD! I crave it, often, and their damned "Any size soft drink for $1" promotion eggs me on, calling to me... "It's only a dollar, Krystal, and you can get a LARGE Coke for that! Ohhh it would be so good!"

I swear, I know how a drug addict feels. I'm not even kidding.

I feel that pull, and then I give in and the car turns in by the golden arches. I wait impatiently in the drive-thru line for my "fix." I can almost taste it and my tongue is cramping in anticipation. The sweetness, the bubbles, the caffeine...

Finally, it's my turn and I shell out my $1.06, which is already waiting in my sweaty hand. I can't even pull forward before I rip off the straw paper and shove it roughly into the hole on top of the cup. I don't even TASTE the first sip, but the second one is like a jolt, heading straight into my brain. Pure sugary joy. My eyes roll back into my head, like the junkies in the movies, and I'm OK again.

I swear, it's not Coke, it's *coke.* Or something.

Anyway, I have caved twice in the past week to the Coke monster and I vow not to do it again. Otherwise I'll have a habit tht I definitely don't need! (By the way, don't even suggest Diet. Yuck. I am heartily anti-Diet Coke!)

Oh, one funny thing from last night... I had a messy Gerber prefold diaper soaking in the toilet in the bathroom off the kitchen. Pretty standard. Seems like there's a diaper in there half the time. My baby poops a lot.

Anyway, Logan was finishing up his dinner and Hubby was out in the kitchen with him while I was in the living room nursing Jordan. I hear Logan announce he has to go, and he went into that bathroom. I called out that there was a diaper in there, and just then I hear Logan flush, out of habit. Hubby jumped up and ran to the bathroom and Logan LOST IT. You would have thought he cut off his finger the way he was screaming. The diaper hadn't gone down, and Hubby and I were trying to soothe Logan and he's just shrieking "I FLUSHED A DIAPER! I FLUSHED A DIAPER!" He was so upset. We had to take him in there and show him that it hadn't been flushed. The whole incident woke Jordan, and got him screaming too. Still, it was hard not to laugh at how mortified Logan was.

OK, well, I'll leave you with one precious image from Saturday morning. Logan was letting Jordan give him kisses and it was the sweetest thing ever. Here's Joe, going in to lay a wet one on his big brother. PURE LOVE.

Have a great day!


Mellissa said...

The formula for McDonalds Coke is different than anywhere else! Its a top secret ratio and no other restaurant can use that ration.