Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time flies!

One of Logan's favorite monster trucks (well, it was one of his faves yesterday. It'll be different today) is called Time Flies.

Holy crap, does it ever!

I am not really in the mood to blog this morning but I will share a couple things that blew my mind about my little Logan yesterday.

First, as I dropped him off at preschool I noticed he was yet again sprouting out of his jeans. The bottoms of them were a couple inches above his shoes somehow, magically, overnight.

So I headed over to Kohl's to get the next size up. I was wandering around the toddler's section forever, looking for 5T. Finally, I asked an employee.


I have to go WHERE?!

My baby's not in the toddler section anymore?!

Nope. He wears a BOYS 4 now. No more "T" size clothes.

And you know what that means? The jeans that were once $14.99 are now $24.99, just because they have an extra couple inches of denim. Joy.

Then I went home and got the mail. There was a bulletin from the local school district about KINDERGARTEN ROUND-UP. It's coming. In March. I am going to have to go sign my baby up for kindergarten.

I REMEMBER parts of kindergarten, for Pete's sake! I kissed a BOY in kindergarten. I lost my first TOOTH in kindergarten. I got teased by FIRST GRADERS in kindergarten.

Oh. My. Goodness! My baby's growing up!

And I'm just a mess about it.


Well, as if he knew I needed it, during that pause there, he called for me (he's still in bed) so I went up there and he asked me to snuggle with him, which I gladly did. After about a minute and a half, he announced "OK, enough snuggling Mom!" and rolled over to go back to sleep.


I love my little man, who has gone from this

to this (almost 5!!!!!) SO QUICKLY!

Slow down, buddy. Mom needs to catch her breath!


faithfitnessfun said...

That post gave me chills because I know that time is going to pass so quickly with Makenzie, yet I still can't imagine it. Where does time go? He'll always be your little man though.

Heather said...

I hear you on the whole "time flies" thing. It's crazy!

Melinda said...

I feel ya!

My kiddo has been out of toddler clothes for a while since he's so tall. It stinks having to pay so much more.

MarciaG said...

Ahhhh yes! Such a bittersweet time for me too. Amara has been growing steadily since she was 4 as well. One moment her pants are too big and the next she is wearing floods! I handled kindergarten better then I thought. I am mostly nervous about the full day 1st grade!!!