Friday, January 29, 2010

To cleanse or not to cleanse?

Until recently, I thought a "cleanse" was basically taking something to make yourself poop like crazy. No thanks, I thought, not for me!

But then I happened to catch a segment on some talk show one day (I think it was Rachael Ray, but I'm not sure because I don't watch any of those shows, really!) about the 4-Day Diet. They were talking with the author specifically about the Induction Module (I guess there are a bunch of different 4-day "modules" in this diet plan) which is the "detox" module. Basically you're eating really light and really clean for four days, and the foods you are to eat are foods that detoxify your organs and stuff. It piqued my interest.

So, I went online and requested the book from the library, and I just got it the other day. I read through the Induction Module and it looks pretty do-able. i can tell you I will be hungry, but I won't starve.

I shared it with my best friend and she's all gung-ho and wants to do it as sort of a way to reprogram her body and get it functioning in top form. I was sort of thinking the same thing. Actually, I was thinking that if I made it successfully through the four days, I might be able to kick my stupid sugar addiction to the curb.

I know it would be difficult, especially because I would still be eating with my family, and they'd get to have a lot more than I would, but it IS only four days, and it's not horribly dramatic. I would still get to eat, it's just super duper clean, and less food than I'm used to.

At this point, I'm still nursing (barely) but I'm thinking about doing it once Jordan is totally off the boob. Not sure if I will or not, though.

What do you think, moms? Do you have any experiences with any kinds of detoxes or cleanses? Did you feel better/more energetic after doing it, have fewer cravings for sweets, or were you just craving junk like mad?

Let me know!


MarciaG said...

Oh you know I was going to chime it! LOL!
Well I was in the same boat as you. There are TONS of cleanses on the market and I never really researched any of them. I thought it would be a poop-fest too!
I found one I like ( the only I have tried) and really have liked it. I am doing it right now. It's 10 days, and includeds a fiber drink,prebiotic and herbal cleanse supplements. No weird foods. just real clean foods. No starving and in fact I am never hungry. I am doing it to get back on track with my eating ( since the holidays). I am a sugar freak too and can honestly say I am feeling really good without it

(who would have thought!)I am not doing it to lose weight-I have lost 2 lbs. My bro in law is down 15 and my brother is down 4. It was just a bonus effect for me.
So anyway..the firt time I did the cleanse I kept with my good eating habits for a long time before I fell off the wagon. It for sure helped me to get my eating back to where it beloneged and recommend them....they are all not created equally though!!