Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A belated review: Black Mustard Fiber Arts

I would like to apologize for the time it took me to do this review!

Way back in October, I did an Autumn Leaves-themed giveaway event, featuring some great items from fantastic Etsy artists.

One of the featured artists was Joline from Black Mustard Fiber Arts, who donated a really pretty tan leaf fabric headband for the giveaway.

Well, a little while after the giveaway was over, she sent me a matching green leaf headband, just for me.

Isn't it sweet?

Unfortunately, I must have a huge head or something, because the headband was too tight for me. It was so cute and I was totally bummed that I couldn't wear it. I'd probably have it worn out by now.

So, anyway, I contacted Joline and asked if she would be offended if I gave it away to my best friend's daughter, and she said it wouldn't bother her at all, so I gave it to my sweet little Lili, and here she is wearing it.

Her mom tells me Lili even puts it on her teddy bears to dress them up, so I'm happy someone is getting to use that gorgeous headband, even if it's not me!

Currently at her shop, Joline has some great patterned headbands as well as scarves, cowls and other neat items, including some fingerless gloves (Which I would LOVE to get!)

and this amazing kid/alpaca shawl, which I think is so pretty!

Head on over to Joline's etsy shop, Black Mustard Fiber Arts and check out some of the goodies she has to keep you warm this winter.