Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Countdown to Feb. 7

In about a week and a half, Jordan will be one year old. Every day, he's working on a bunch of new "skillz," like:

WALKING!!! (Yep, he's mobile! He just started taking off across the room a couple days ago. I love the "concentration face."

Climbing stairs. He can make it all the way up from the basement, but he tends to want to stand up and turn around on the stairs. I have caught him a couple times, and he would have had some nasty falls had I not been there.

Drinking out of a big-boy (non-sippy) cup. He can do it just fine, but I have to take it away immediately because he'll fling it around, tip it or throw it. He loves to drink that way, though.

And giving the BEST kisses! I know I've used this photo already, but I just love it. It's on my computer screen right now. He gives fantastic kisses on-demand, and big brother gets the most out of him. He makes a funny mmmm-aaaah sound when he does it, too. LOVE IT!


Brooke said...

So many milestones.. They really do grow up so quickly... Great set of photos...