Friday, January 8, 2010

Mamatini review

I am so glad I decided to breastfeed both my children. I know it's the best thing for them as far as health and nutrition go, and it's very much the best thing to do for my pocketbook (free) and the environment (absolutely zero waste).

But breastfeeding can bring up some issues, too. With Logan, it took us quite a few days to get the hang of nursing, and it wasn't until my milk supply came in that he really figured it out. That was a stressful, frustrating time for both of us. I also went through a bout of mastitis with Logan. Jordan took to nursing right away, but I've had some issues with injuries since he got his sharp little teeth, and that hasn't been fun.

One of those injuries forced me to pump and bottle feed for a couple weeks, and it was then that I started to worry that maybe my milk supply wasn't up to par.

As I looked for ways to improve my output, I came across an interesting-sounding product called Mamatini.

According to the website, "Mamatini is a physician formulated organic herbal infusion designed to help women breastfeed easier, better and for longer. Mamatini increases breast milk production, energy levels and mental function for Mom and helps your body absorb the vitamins and minerals that are critical in baby's development..."

I was intrigued, so I contacted the company and they agreed to send me a free sample of their product to try out and review here.

I got my bottle of Mamatini just as we were about to leave for a short vacation. I was battling a cold, which always dehydrates me, so it was perfect timing. I took my Mamatini in the car to drink during the six-hour car ride.

Because of my cold, I'm not sure my taste buds were doing their job really effectively. I expected the ginger-mint herbal infusion to taste sweet, like a juice or sports drink, but it just tasted like an herbal tea to me. I handed the bottle over to Hubby and asked him to take a swig and describe the taste to me. He said it was kind of earthy with a hint of caramel.

Because I only had one bottle, I can't tell you if the Mamatini improved my milk supply or not, but I have faith that it's a good product for several reasons.

First, if it gets a mom drinking more fluids, that's going to work wonders for her milk supply--and energy levels--right there.

Also, the ingredients list is good. It has fenugreek in it, which is known to help increase milk supply, fennel to prevent gas, bloating and colic, chamomile and ginger for relieving stomach upset and promoting restful sleep, and micronutrients and vitamins including folic acid to provide health benefits for mom and baby as well.

The folks over at Mamatini recommend drinking 1-2 bottles a day from the 36th week of pregnancy until your baby is weaned.

You can find out more about Mamtini or order some for yourself by visiting their website.