Thursday, January 7, 2010

We have a sore loser on our hands!

My best friend and I took our boys to the bowling alley yesterday. It was Logan's first time bowling and her son's second time, I think.

Logan wanted to go because he's obsessed with Wii bowling. I warned him repeatedly that it wouldn't be nearly as easy as it is on the Wii. He insisted that he knew it would be fine, then proceeded to throw a fit every time he missed a spare or didn't get as many pins as he should or if his buddy got more pins. He was kind of being a real brat. I don't know where this sore loser/perfectionist business came from, but it's getting old. His teacher even pulled me aside when I picked him up from school to tell me how sensitive he's been lately if he doesn't do something perfect the first try.

Here he is after a throw he deemed "not good enough."

Not exactly sure what to do about that.

But anyway, it was fun watching the boys. I would have loved to bowl, but we ended up letting the kids take our turns, too, because they were enjoying it.

Snazzy shoes

Lunchtime for Jordan

The boys rolled the ball so slowly, they had plenty of time to sit down and wait.

Having lots of fun