Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Body After Baby update


So, you know how little kids are brutally honest? They don't know how to lie about certain things, so you know you're getting a real observation out of them.

I guess that's why I was shocked when, on Saturday morning, Logan came out and sat down on the couch next to me. A few minutes later, conversationally, out of nowhere, he asks, "Mom, when is your belly EVER going to get skinny again?"

As if he has been waiting for me to lose it or something! As if it's HUGE!


I had to ask him to repeat it to make sure I'd heard him correctly. I had.

And then that made me wonder... am I seeing myself incorrectly or something? I mean, I know I still have 15 pounds of baby weight to lose, but am I that gigantic? What the heck? I know I'm bigger than I should be, but now I feel like some sort of cow!

Then I started thinking about whether I'd said something in front of Logan about my weight or body. I hadn't. I don't talk about being fat or dieting or anything like that really. If we talk about why we exercise or eat good foods, it's always so we can be strong and healthy, not skinny.

So, anyway, that threw me for a loop!

As of my weigh-in on Monday, I lost 2 pounds over the past week. YAY! I hope that was a real loss and not dehydration or anything. I've been even better about my eating habits. I still slip, but that happens. I have even been tracking the past couple days on Spark People. One thing I have to get used to is that I eat half or even a little more of my calories before noon. BUT that's because I get up early and a lot of times I work out at 5 a.m. I'll have a banana before, then coffee after, then my oatmeal, and then I'm starving again by 9:30 or 10 so I'll eat something and then I want lunch, so I'll eat again.

I started keeping a pitcher of water with lemon slices in it in the fridge to help me drink more.

My workouts, as always, have been good. I've run about 20 miles so far this year. I took Friday off and then ended up having Saturday off too because Hubby and Logan went to Monster Jam and I didn't get time to go work out. I should have done something at home. I have two exercise programs hanging out here to review.

Tried a new workout last night. Hubby's Men's Health magazine came in the mail yesterday and I always steal the workouts from them. This month's workout is called the Spartacus Workout. You can find some info about it here, including a video. Basically, it's ten different moves that you do in a circuit. You do each thing for one minute and then rest a couple minutes and repeat the whole thing through twice. It KICKED MY BUTT! I dare say it was one of the hardest workouts I have ever done. Lots of different lunges, and I find lunges really difficult anyway. My legs are toast. They were shaking at the gym and just felt so heavy when I left. Today, it hurts to lower myself even onto the toilet!

This week's Body After Baby Challenge question from Mama Notes is:

Why do you want to lose weight and/or get healthier? What is your motivation?

Before I had Jordan I was in probably the best shape of my life as far as strength and healthy eating go, and in summer 2006 when I was running races, my heart and lungs were so good, I felt like I could run forever. It is such an amazing feeling to be in good health. You look better, your mood improves, everything. It's beneficial to all aspects of your life. I have two wonderful, active little boys and I want to be able to keep up with them for a long time. So, that's why I have formulated goals to meet this year, such as being able to do pull-ups again by my birthday in June and being able to run a half marathon in October. Of course, I want to look good again, too. I want to feel comfortable in cute clothes and not feel like I have to hide. Right before I got pregnant with Jordan was the first time in my life since early childhood that I felt comfortable wearing a tank top or even a bathing suit in public, because finally I didn't have those gross armpit bulges. I am looking forward to rocking some non-frumpy clothes this summer!

So, I have lots of reasons/motivation for undertaking these challenges!

Samantha doesn't have this week's BAB post up yet so I am not sure if there's a mini challenge to do. If there is, I'll tell you all about how I did on it next week!


Anonymous said...

Those are great reasons to be motivated to get in better shape. And kids. They do say the darnedest things, huh? I don't think you look huge, but definitely understand the comfort issue and wanting to progress. You'll get back to that shape you want. I know you can.

Nicol said...

Kids certainly have a way with saying certain things!

I think it's great that you can get up so early to workout. I would love to do that and perhaps in the future I can. Right now I'm up 3 to 4 times a night to nurse my 2 months old.

Krystal said...

Hey nicol! I feel your pain. I have an 11 month old who has been getting up every 1-2 hours all night long. I'm working on it and now he might go 3 hours between wakings if i'm lucky. hopefully it gets better. i am definitely tired some days, but it's easier for me to get it over with in the morning then wait til evening. by then i'm totally shot, and i don't want to risk not going at all!

HotHarmony said...

Great motivation, I can't wait to look good this summer and in fact look good before the summer since I'm vacationing in MX in May. Keep up the good work.

Melissa said...

Good luck with your goals this week! I love Spark People for tracking...

and as for what your son said...gotta love kids!! I think it's awesome that you've done so well with running...I'm trying to get to that point!

Lisa said...

I am in the same boat as you! I am not huge, but I definitely can lose the extra baby weight. Looking ok in your clothes vs. looking good without is the key for me :-)

And 2 lbs is awesome! Way to go!!!

Katie @ thinkPINK said...

Good job on the loss!!

Melissa said...

Yea! for you weight lose! Keep up the good work!
Have a great week.

Melinda said...

Once again, I envy your working out.

My kiddo once asked me in line at a store "how much does your belly weigh?