Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Body After Baby Update


Ok, It's update day.

After one week (I'm weighing in on Mondays and not allowing myself near the scale on other days because really, what's the point?) I have logged exactly 0 in the weight loss department.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's see what I DID do this past week.

I took one day completely off from working out. That's a good thing. I tend to fall into the trap of not taking days off, even though my body needs it. I have to remind myself that days off are necessary!

What I did:
Jan 6- 30 mins of stair climber and ran 1 mile
Jan 7- Free aerobics classes that night at my gym, so I tried a 50-minute Guts & Butts class. It was easy. I felt very strong.
Jan 8- Took day off
Jan 9- Boredom Buster Cardio day. I did the bike for 10 mins, stairs for 10 mins, elliptical for 10 mins and ran a mile on the indoor track.
Jan 10-ran 2.3 miles outside and then did upper body weights
Jan 11- Lower body weights and jogged a mile on the track
Jan 12- 25 minutes of high-intesity intervals on the elliptical, then lower back and lower abs
Jan 13- Upper body weights, including the ever-painful negative pull-ups. (Stand on a step and jump up to the pull-up bar and then lower yourself as slowly as possible. Wince in pain for next four days)

I did not track my food. Surprise, surprise! I'd like to use Sparkpeople again. I don't think I'm going to track WW Points. I just don't see it happening.

I have been eating more "real" foods, less junk, less processed stuff. I am trying to snack on fruit or yogurt instead of crackers and candy. I have been packing in more fruits and veggies and lean protein and trying to do real portions of good carbs. I am also back to my daily breakfast of old-fashioned oats with unflavored protein powder and a cup of (thawed) frozen mixed berries with 1 tsp. of raw sugar. It's very good and very satisfying. I have done pretty well, and I also know I can do better!

I have taken my vitamins but not every day. I still need to drink more water.

So, will continue to keep plugging away at this and making changes and hopefully it will start to show on the scale and in how my clothes fit.

Today, I think I would hurt someone for chocolate or a regular Coke. That pretty much means I haven't had much sugar (a good thing) and my body's mad at me because it wants it really really bad. It doesn't help that my sleep was crap last night. Thsat just amplifies the cravings!

Samantha is planning to start mini challenges again next week, so that will be fun.

And I'm supposed to answer: "What is your favorite part of your workout?"

Hmmm... Different things on different days.
Sometimes it's getting out of the house and being alone for a while.
Sometimes it's going outside and breathing in fresh air and sunshine.
Sometimes it's lifting weights and feeling super strong.
Sometimes it's the stretch afterward, which can feel sooooo good!
And sometimes, it's just getting it over with.

Head over to Mama Notes to follow along with this Body After Baby Challenge. There are a lot of us doing it!


Harmony said...

Wow that workout routine sounds intense, good for you. I find that weight loss for me at least is 90% diet and 10% workout. I have been doing the South Beach Diet lately and it's going great for me. Maybe get the book from the library and check out what it's all about. No tracking required

Melissa said...

I hear you on the cravings. I was at the grocery store yesterday and I wanted chocolate SO bad, but I managed to stay away. Hang in there...hopefully this will get easier (and better)

Lara said...

I totally admire your ability to stay away from sugar!

Melissa said...

Keep at it and it will happen!
Good luck this week.

Katie @ thinkPINK said...

your workout sounds great! keep up the water - that makes a huge difference! Have a great week!

Amber said...

Tina sent me your way. Love your blog and all the piccies. I'm also on body after baby. It will be nice to follow along. Good luck gyrl.

Melinda said...

I wish i had your motivation to work out.

Love your new layout by the way.