Friday, January 1, 2010

What's a new year without goals?

Call them resolutions. Call them goals. Call them hopes. Whatever.

Today I started thinking about things I want to accomplish in 2010, and I had to get a piece of paper to write them down. I can definitely say I have a lot of goals for this year! Some are big, some are small. Some will take effort every single day. Others are one-time things that will be done once they're done.

I already gave a few in my Body After Baby post.

*Be back to (or as close as I can) my pre-baby weight of 146.5 by the time we attend a wedding in March.

*Be (once again) able to complete 5 unassisted real pull-ups by my 34th birthday (June 16)

*Be able to run my first half marathon in October, preferably wtihout stopping to walk.

Other goals include:

*Teaching Logan to effectively wipe his own butt by September, which is when he'll start kindergarten. (Any tips from those who've "been there, done that" are VERY welcome!)

*Washing my produce before I eat it. (I rarely do. Yes, I know it's nasty. Hence, the goal.)

*Taking a multi vitamin and fish oil daily.

*DRINKING ENOUGH WATER (broken record here...)

*Shave my legs more frequently (Poor Hubby, sleeping with sandpaper)

*Establish daily screen time limits for the boys and myself (TV, computer and Wii!)

*Organize my home (Actually find a place for everything)

*Be a better housekeeper (Which will be easier once I accomplish the previous goal)

*Make my mini garden more productive this summer

*Use sunblock regularly (I stink at this. I really need to start taking better care of my skin. And my teeth, for that matter. They're getting yellow.)

*Re-do the old scribbled-out address book, and include people's birthdays, because I forget a lot of them.

*Get Jordan off the paci. Also, wean from boob. I nursed Logan for exactly a year (Last nursing was naptime on his first birthday). This makes me sad to think about. (The weaning Jordan part, not losing the paci. That's just going to be HARD!)

*STRETCH more often! Preferably daily. I have lost a lot of flexibility. Want it back, please!

*Update the scrapbooks I made for my mom and mother-in-law. I took them LAST Christmas (like, 2008) to update them and haven't done it yet. Oops!

*Work on my own scrapbooks. I have so much to do. I'm only caught up to Logan's first birthday! He will be five this year!

*Clean up my diet as well as that of my husband and sons. We don't eat as much processed food as a lot of people do, but still more than I want us to be eating. I'd like to eliminate most if not all of the high-fructose corn syrup we eat. Want our food to be REAL food.

*Get down on the floor and actually PLAY with my children more, rather than just OCCUPYING them. I am bad at this. My husband is WAY better at playing than I am. I get bored easily. I find that very sad. My babies are growing up so fast and I'm missing things!

Yeesh. I am sure I could/will come up with many more, but that list seems like a good place to start for now!

So... New Year's Eve. We had a yummy pork loin and bread and broccoli for dinner and Hubby and I split a bottle of champagne (made into pineapple mimosas) while watching Night at the Museum 2 with the kids (Good movie!) Then the kids went to bed and we played the Wii a little bit and basically waited until midnight. Said Happy New Year. Were both tired, and went to bed at 12:07.

Today we started on the post-Christmas clean-up. The trees are taken down, and I still have to dismantle and put away the Nativity and the village. Must find room for all the new toys. Must put away the tons and tons of clean laundry that is sitting upstairs (half is folded, half is not.)

Jordan had his first spaghetti noodles at dinner tonight. It was fun to watch him check them out.

That's about it. Off to shower and hit the sack and then I have only the weekend left before Hubby has to go back to work and Logan has to go back to school. Have really been enjoying having them home with me.

I LOVE my men!