Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do your part to save the planet

I have a very simple way you can help save the planet.

You see, the FuzziBunz cloth diaper company is having a contest to name its new diaper color. They have narrowed the choices down and are asking for a vote of the people.

My color suggestion is "Peach Fuzz," and I think it's absolutely perfect, because the color of the diaper is a peachy color, and the company's name is FuzziBunz. Plus, all their other diaper colors are two words, so it fits in there as well. "Peach Fuzz" has made it into the finals, and now I need to get votes.

So, how does this tie in with saving the planet? Well, the winner gets a "lifetime supply" of FuzziBunz (12 diapers, I think). For many of the entrants, it would just boost their stash, but for me, it would do more. It would DOUBLE my sorry diaper stash, and that in turn would allow me to cloth diaper at night. Yes, I still use disposables at night. I am still putting all those chemicals and bulk into the landfill. I hate it, but I just don't have enough diapers to do nighttime as well. Those things are expensive!

That, my friends, is how voting for my color could help me win, which would, in turn, have a direct impact on how many disposable diapers reach the landfills.

If you want to help me out, it's very quick and simple. Just go here and cast your vote for "Peach Fuzz." You have to click where it says "HERE" in the blog post to get to the voting page. DO NOT just leave a comment on the blog post. That doesn't count as a vote.

I appreciate your vote and the planet thanks you, too!


Krista said...

I voted!

Mellissa said...

I voted too!

maritza said...

I voted!

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

congratulations being in the finals, that is awesome! I think it's funny they call 12 diapers a lifetime supply. :) Life time supply would mean.... life time supply, like tons of diapers.

BUT, not complaining, 12 free diapers would be so awesome!!! Anyways, I voted!

Lisa @ This Mommy Works said...

I voted for you... And commend all of you that cloth diaper!

Gwenn said...

Girl, I hear ya! We don't have enough pockets either so we went back to using disposables at night too.

I voted for ya and I bet you win..Peach Fuzz is a fantastic name! :D