Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jordan's new tricks, and more

My baby boy is growing up in leaps and bounds.

The other night, Logan was playing Monster Jam on the Wii, and the announcer said "Grave Digger!" and Jordan all of a sudden started saying "Digger" over and over. Yeah, one of his first words is a monster truck. He's SUCH a guy!

He's also very curious and into everything. He loves to go up and down stairs, but has a tendency to just barrel toward them with no fear. I am so afraid he's going to fall! One of the best things I taught Logan at this age was to do stairs "the right way," which means turning around and going down backward, using his hands as well as his feet. After I taught him, all I or anyone else would have to say if he was going near stairs was "Do it 'the right way'" and he would immediately drop to his hands and knees and crawl backward the rest of the way to the stairs. I loved that, so I've been teaching it to Jordan as well.

Here's a video of Jordan, doing stairs "the right way" with me coaching him. You also get to hear him say "Digger." The funny thing is, I'm telling him not to get distracted when he's going down the stairs, then I keep asking him to say "Digger." Mommies are so annoying sometimes!

You can also see his amber teething necklace, which I will be reviewing soon. I am just waiting on some questions to be answered by the person who makes them.

And now you can see why I have to dig splinters out of the TOPS of his little baby feet almost every day! Ouch!

And here, just for kicks, is another video of my little monkey, climbing like crazy. I not only had to remove the plant stand, but also I have to put up the little blue chairs that go with the table because he won't stop climbing them. It's HILARIOUS when he starts dancing once he gets on the table. I wish I'd caught that on video but I didn't want to keep encouraging him to do it.

Speaking of the little blue table, my boys ate lunch there together yesterday and it was so cute! Jordan was a very good boy and he just sat in his chair and ate the whole meal without getting down or causing any trouble. I think he felt like a hot shot getting to eat without being strapped into a high chair.

My guys having lunch together.

We also just rolled around on the floor being silly and loving each other
(Be warned: Me with no makeup!)

Oh, those kisses!

AND I got Logan to drink some milk! It started when I saw something about kids needing to just learn to like white milk on Jamie Oliver. I got thinking about Logan, who has refused to drink white milk since he was about 9 months old. I used to give him Instant Breakfast in his milk, and then he started to refuse that, too. He will drink some chocolate milk rarely, but basically he doesn't like milk, cheese, yogurt, anything with calcium! I have to buy fortified juice and give him calcium supplements.

Well, I started wondering if he'd drink a small amount. I let him use a shot glass. Don't worry, he doesn't know what shot glasses are for. He just think's it's a cool little glass.

BUT he didn't like the milk. He was gagging on it.

Then I had a thought. When I was little, whole milk started to gag me, too. (I give the boys whole milk at the pediatrician's recommendation because I have skinny kids). I used to put ice cubes and water in my milk, because it was too thick, and I liked it that way. Eventually I discovered skim milk, and started drinking that, and still love it to this day.

Well, I tried giving Logan a shot of skim instead, and he loved it! He, for some reason, thinks it tastes like almonds. He ASKED FOR AND DRANK a whole glass of skim milk at dinner and said he wants to have it at every meal.


Got milk?

And finally, here's the littlest monkey, trying to hold his sippy cup with his feet. He is so silly.

So, there's your little glimpse into the daily life of this mom and her two boys. They keep me on my toes at ALL TIMES!

Have a great day!


Tina said...

So cute how he is into everything! I know it's probably annoying as well, though. M is such a scaredy cat. It can get annoying. I'm like "be a kid!"