Friday, April 9, 2010

Random Jordan cuteness

The title says it all.

Here's the little monkey getting into something. Imagine that?! I keep one package of disposable wipes in the diaper bag for messes and such when we're out and about (I use cloth wipes at home) and if I happen to leave the bag within reach, Jordan loves to open the wipes container and pull them ALL out. I've stuffed this particular batch of wipes back into the container so many times! He just LOVES to get into stuff. Logan wasn't really like that so this is a whole new challenge for me and there are always huge messes around my house. If I leave any cupboard open, everything gets pulled out. I have to keep all the bedroom and bathroom doors closed or he'll empty the drawers and dressers and he shreds all the toilet paper. It keeps life interesting!

Here he is playing kissy-face with that adorable baby in the mirror. They're great friends.

And here's my little buddy at dinner last night, learning how to use a fork. He was doing really well with it until I pulled out the camera. Then he decided he wasn't getting quite enough and just started jamming it in with his hands. He gets the concept, though, so that's cool. And yes, that's nasty ole Kraft mac n' cheese. It didn't taste very good. Jordan liked it though.

Love that kid!


Anonymous said...

NOM NOM NOM I love him!