Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A spring walk

It was WAY chillier than it looked outside yesterday. But, Logan wanted to go on a scooter ride to the book store to spend some of his saved money on a book. How could I refuse? So, we parked at the train station, I strapped Jordan into the backpack and we walked/scooted downtown, got each of the boys a book, stopped by Blondie's for a sweet treat (a bite-size piece of fudge for me and a small bag of gumballs for Logan) and headed back to the train station. It was only about a mile and a quarter total.

Though the breeze was chilly, it was sunny and the trees are flowering, so town was quite pretty. I took a few photos (of course). We also saw several hatched eggs (possibly robin, due to the color). Logan smashed most of them in typical little-boy form. I wanted to bring them home and make a little decorative nest for them. Boo!

Anyway, enjoy the short tour of my hometown, lovely Lapeer, Michigan, and its crown jewel, the 1846 historic courthouse, as well as Annrook Park and the three cabooses at the historic train depot, which have been a favorite of Logan's for years. We have eaten many a lunch sitting on those cabooses and waiting for a train to pass.


Knobby said...

You live in Lapeer and have never been up to the thumb yet?

Lisa @ This Mommy Works said...

I love all of the adventures you guys go on!

Anonymous said...

Great photos!