Thursday, April 15, 2010

Woods therapy

So, I am assuming Jordan's emerging molars have been bugging him because he's been really crabby the last couple days and nights. His nose is running and his eating habits aren't as good as normal.

Any mom who has been there can tell you a day with a teething toddler can be a very long day, indeed. Staying home can drive you mad. Factor in a cranky preschooler, and it's pure insanity. (Logan came down with a spring cold last night, so that's likely the cause of HIS crabbiness the past couple days. FUN!)

Anyway, I knew after only a short time yesterday morning that I needed to get us out of the house before I lost it, so I planned to take the boys on a little hike after Logan got out of school and we had lunch, and that's what I did. It was a lifesaver.

Everyone turned from stressed-out and crabby to peaceful and happy. It was a gorgeous sunny day for a hike.

We don't live anywhere near any super spectacular hiking spots, but there are woods around here. I decided on a spot owned by Eastern Michigan University for outdoor studies. The students aren't there yet, so I figured it was the perfect time to walk out there. I was also hoping to see some early spring wildflowers, but no such luck!

Anyway, we drove five minutes or so to the spot and parked by this lovely lake (and yes, of course Logan walked into the water in his shoes) and then we headed into the woods.

We had no intention of hunting emu. (The signs are actually an abbreviation for the university, but they always make me smile as I picture emus running around in the woods.)

We came upon another little lake and posed for this photo.

We scared this guy into the water.

We found lots of beaver evidence, and off in the distance we could see his dam.

Logan communed with trees

and rocks

and moss

Jordan checked out some trees too

and learned to blow the compass whistle that is hanging on the pack

I have no idea what he was doing here, but the photo cracked me up

We came upon the dormitory for the students and Logan discovered that someone had left a ball out with the volleyball net so he played for a few. I tried, but it was hard with the baby on my back.

Had a couple scary moments when two big dogs came charging out of the woods at us, and I had to put myself between them and Logan (Jordan was still on my back) and get "big and loud" with them. A woman came out of the woods after them, though, and it was someone I knew! A local artist who used to live on the property. She has since moved, but her husband works for the university, so they were out there. Whew! I didn't want to have to wrangle two big dogs! I'm kind of scared of unknown dogs.

Anyway, we spent probably a couple hours out there and it was fun. Right before we got back to the car, Jordan zonked in the carrier. Doesn't look very comfortable to me!


There's nothing quite like a hike in the woods to put everyone in a better mood, though. It really is therapeutic.


Tina said...

Beautiful pictures. I love being out in nature like that. Logan is too funny bonding with trees and Jordan sleeping in his pack.

And OH - I am going to be reading 13 1/2 by Nevada Barr. I hear it's good.

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

I love that picture of the 3 of you. so adorable. I love this.. going on walks with your kids. It's so fun to explore and let the kids get into things and discover nature! Fresh air is seriously like medicine to me. If I'm sad or upset or tired or whatever and I go for a walk, cold or sunny, I always feel better. Great for kids too!!