Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Foodie firsts

Logan has been craving corn on the cob lately (or maybe he's just craving summer) so when I spotted some at the grocery store the other day, I picked it up. It was surprisingly decent for off-season non-local corn. I had fun watching the kids chow on it. It was Jordan's first corn on the cob, and he seemed to like it.

Then, yesterday, I had to take Jordan to the pediatrician AGAIN! It seems all the antibiotics he's been on lately have thrown off a balance in his body, causing him to basically have jock itch. Ew. It looks really uncomfortable but doesn't seem to be bothering him that much. Anyway, got something for that. More medicine. Yay. But I decided to let Jordan have his first lollipop because Logan always gets one, even at Jordan's appointments, and even though Jordan didn't really know what it was, he gets kind of jealous when he sees Logan with one, so I allowed it.

At first he didn't know which end to put in his mouth. He kept chewing on the handle. He got it after a while, though, and made a huge sticky red mess. He started chomping off bites, though, and I had to take it away, which made him really mad. Oh well.

So, there ya go, 'cause I know you couldn't make it through Wednesday without seeing pics of my kids eating. Whatever!