Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1 lb at a time: Week 3

1 lb at a time

Still waiting for that one pound!

Seriously, though, I need to do something.

Yesterday I found myself eating all sorts of weird stuff, and my belly was so big, my jeans were cutting into me. Well, Ma Nature surprised me last night, so it all made sense. I forgot to put the little red dot on my calendar last month so I wasn't exactly sure when I was going to start (which was driving me nuts) but the state of my skin should have been a big tip-off! Also my tendency to overreact this past weekend. I get emotionally weird. Those people that say PMS is just an excuse are full of it. I can actually use my moods as a gauge that Auntie Flo's about to visit. (So can Hubby, poor guy!)

Anyway, yeah. So. That's that.

This week's post at This Mommy Works is about water. Am I drinking enough?

We all know the answer to that one. NO! I never drink enough. I walk around dehydrated all the time.

Don't know what's so hard about drinking water for me. I just don't do it much aside from when I'm working out. Not only that, I'm not drinking anything else, either. Bad, I know. The weird thing is, every time I get up at night, I chug a glass of water. It's like I try to make up for it at night. THAT's when I want to drink. Odd.

So, we're supposed to set a water goal for this week and keep track. I have a Sigg bottle that is 32 ounces. My goal is to drink 2-3 a day. I want to say 3, but even 2 would be way better than what I'm getting now. Plus, that's in addition to whatever I drink while working out.

There's a new Crystal Light that doesn't have "artificial sweeteners" in it. Well, it has Stevia, which to me is an artificial sweetener (even though it's natural). It tastes nasty to me in full-strength, but if I use one packet in my 32-ounce bottle (one packet is supposed to go into a 16-ounce bottle), it tastes decent, so I plan to use one packet a day to help get my water in.

Gotta work on finding some motivation to actually, really, truly diet, too, or that dress is going to look like crap on me in July.

Have a great week!


Lisa @ This Mommy Works said...

Oh, Aunt Flow... she is so nasty! She crept up on me this month at horrible timing and my poor hubby can tell days before.

How are you doing with your water intake this week? Hopefully more during the day? :-)

Kasey said...

Isn't that time of the month the arch nemesis of dieting! Makes things so much harder! Motivation is crucial to sticking to being healthy and it will come and go... I hope you found yours for this week!