Monday, May 10, 2010

One pound, week 2: Motivation

1 lb at a time

Week 2 is on, and I... haven't done a darn thing!

Well, actually, I did SOMETHING. I went shopping at Kohl's on Sunday for a little while and got kind of disgusted about the way things fit--rather, didn't fit--me. All the cute stuff in the junior's section was too tight. But the stuff in the women's section wasn't the look I was going for. I just wanted a cute little dress to wear to my cousin's wedding in July.

I went somewhere else, though, and spotted this sweet little dress. I really like the coral-pink-red colors and the fireworks-ish design. I also like the shape of the dress. The only thing I wish it had, however, was a wide black sash around the waist. I might try to find a scarf or something that would work. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. What I picture is a heavy satiny wide black ribbon to match the satiny ruffle around the bottom of the dress.

Here's what it looks like.

So, I tried it on, ready for disappointment. I liked it! It fits, but is a clingy material and only looks OK right now, and I feel the need to "suck it in" pretty hard. I am going to hang this dress in my kitchen and use it as motivation. Hopefully it will make me think more about what I am eating.

I haven't weighed myself. I know what I weighed a week ago, at the start of this challenge. I am pretty sure I haven't changed at all. I need to tighten down HARD on my diet in order to do that. How annoying.

I am setting a goal, not based on the scale, to look good in that dress by the mid-July wedding. Preferably without any sort of shape-wear assistance! As a reward, once I make some progress, maybe I'll buy myself some pretty summery shoes to wear with it, because I don't really have anything that would work great right now.

So, this week, Lisa at This Mommy Works, which is the host blog for this challenge, asks:

"So, ladies, please tell me what you have tried or what you are planning to try to change it up a little"

Well, as far as exercise goes, I change it up constantly. I never, ever do the same workout. I use a number of resources to design a different program each time I go. I might run hills, do intervals, or just take it easy and walk for cardio. I am hoping to find some rollerblades so I can skate, too, because I really used to enjoy that. As far as weights go, I generally strength train three times a week. Sometimes upper body, sometimes, lower, sometimes full-body and sometimes it's core-based. I use my husband's "Men's Health Big Book of Exercises" (A FANTASTIC resource, and they make a women's version, too) to put together my routines. It has 619 different strength training exercises, and there are some really good ones in there!

As far as diet, I need to change SOMETHING. I think it's in my head though. I make healthy meals and I enjoy them. The problem is that mid-afternoon combo of natural human energy slump and boredom when I'm just ready for Hubby to come home. That's when I start picking around in the pantry looking for energy. And what I choose might generally be healthy, but while almonds are a healthy snack, FIVE handsful (plus some fruit and whatever else I grab) are packed full of extra calories. Something about that time of day just makes me never feel satisfied.

I am thinking I might try to just take the boys out for a walk or something as often as possible at that time of day. remove myself from the boredom (and the pantry).

Yep, so that's where I am in Week 2. I have my pretty little dress hanging there, and hopefully she'll whisper in my ear when I am about to rummage in the pantry and make me reconsider my actions.


Tina said...

I like the dress and how you are planning to use it for motivation. And I agree a black sash would be perfect with it. I bet you can find something for it. And if you don't, it is still a great dress. :)

Lisa @ This Mommy Works said...

Cute dress! And I love your goal of not needing to be at a certain number, but instead to feel comfortable in your dress!