Thursday, May 27, 2010

A man that does housework

Jordan's been showing interest in "helping" me lately by cleaning up.

The other night, we finished dinner and I walked out of the kitchen for a second. I returned to find he had grabbed the hand broom and was actually under his high chair sweeping up the food on the floor. It was the cutest thing ever! Of course, by the time I grabbed the camera, he was done. I tried to get him to do it again the next morning after breakfast.

Last night, I tossed a wet washrag onto his high chair tray to wipe off his face and he picked it up and immediately started wiping off his tray! I grabbed the camera and tried to get him to repeat it. It took a few minutes, but he did it.

Then, I put him in the bathtub and tossed in a washcloth and he started using it to wipe the tub!

I don't know where the kid learns these things. It's certainly not from his mommy! Maybe he's sick of living in a mess, so he just decided to do it for himself!

Anyway, it's sweet!