Friday, May 7, 2010

The coveted Michigan morel

Every year about this time, I take a drive down the road to the State Game Area to see if I can find any morels.

Unlike most morel hunters, I don't get out of the car to look (unless I spot one and want to photograph it) and unlike most morel hunters I don't pick the mushrooms because I don't want to eat them.


Morels are supposedly a delicacy. I've tried them and they just taste mushroomy to me. I am not a huge fan of mushrooms. I don't completely hate them, but I don't eat them a lot, either. There was even an episode of Cash and Treasures about them. (I love that show!)

Anyway, morels are highly prized and can bring in a pretty penny if one sells them, but I prefer to just hunt them, enjoy them in their natural setting, snap a photo or two and leave them to hopefully spread their spores so more morels will grow the following year.

I went for a quick drive-by yesterday and spotted four. The first was this one that was growing under a tree root on the side of a bank.

Then, immediately across the road, I spotted this trio nestled in the oak leaves.

So, I found my morels for the year.

One day I'd like to actually park and go INTO the woods and look for "the mother lode," just to know it's there. And then I won't tell anyone.

Because that's what you do. When you find morels, you brag about them and then adamantly refuse to tell anyone your secret spot.



Gwenn said...

LOL you are too funny :) You should gather them up and sell them to a restaurant!