Monday, May 17, 2010

Ugh, yard work

I'm kinda sore today due to ripping out an old weeded-over garden bed yesterday. The crabgrass was so thick, there was just no way to get it out. It was insanity. I spent a lot of time digging and ripping that crap out and my lower back was screaming last night so I decided today would be an off day for the gym.

Decided not to try to maintain it as a garden anymore. Too much work, and time I just don't have right now. Instead, I put in an evergreen shrub and a couple smaller ground cover type plants. They look rather silly right now, as they're quite small, but once they grow and fill in, I think it will be nice. We're also going to do something about that old signpost. It's ugly. Maybe something a little more decorative for our house number sign, since we don't put it on the mailbox anymore due to the snowplows knocking it off every winter.

Also, I didn't get enough mulch to fill in the whole patch, and that old yucca plant? Not sure if I want to keep it or not. It looks scrubby right now, but when it's in good shape, it's kinda pretty. We'll see. Anyway, here's a before and after, and keep in mind it's a work in progress.

I took the retaining wall blocks and dirt that I removed from that garden bed and ringed a pine tree up by our house, and then I planted some hostas in there. That, too, looks kind of silly right now but should look better when the hostas get bigger.

Before and after

Either way, they're both an improvement.

While planting the tree ring today I found a toad in the dirt. Logan loved him! He wanted to keep him and I knew he'd mess with the poor thing forever, so I suggested we pull out one of the Toad Cottages we made for him. We got it set up and then put the toad in it, then I convinced Logan to leave him alone so he wouldn't be afraid, and maybe he'd stick around. Hopefully he does!

I have tons more yard work to do and I hate it. One step at a time, though. Maybe one of these days I'll have the beautiful, essentially maintenance-free yard I dream of!


Anonymous said...

It takes a long time to get your yard to look the way you imagine. I love the toad houses, too cute!