Monday, May 3, 2010

Logan's big weekend

Hey everyone!

What a wild weekend it was, especially for Logan.

On Friday he turned five. It was also his last day of preschool. It was my volunteer day in the classroom and I spent half of it in tears. I cried when they practiced their graduation ceremony, I cried when they sang their good-bye song for the last time, I cried on the way home after the end-of-school picnic.

But, Logan had a good last day. The teacher covered the floor in bubble wrap and it sounded like the Fourth of July. The kids had a blast jumping on it!

Then they sang Happy Birthday at snack time to Logan, and also to the kids whose birthdays are in the summer.

Saturday was Logan's roller-skating birthday party. It was a lot of fun.

Here are the roller skate cakes I made (Lemon cake with lemon frosting and mini donut wheels. Mmmmm!)

Logan in the Birthday Party Money Machine

Blowing out his candle (I get grossed out when kids blow out their birthday candles on the whole cake. I envision spit flying all over the cake, so I always just put a candle on Logan's piece.)

Then Sunday was his preschool graduation. More tears on my part. Logan did really well and had fun saying good-bye to his friends.

But, he was ready to get out of town! After the reception, he and my mom took off for up north, where he's spending the week. I spoke to Mom this morning and she said last night Logan walked into their house and said "I'm so glad I'm here! My mom and Dad are no fun!"
Gee, thanks kid!

Anyway, I miss him but he doesn't miss us at all. I remember how much fun I had up north with my grandparents when I was his age and I am excited that he gets to experience that too. It's so special for him. I'm going to suck up some one-on-one baby time with Jordan this week. Well, except today, we're going to meet my friend Angie and go to lunch. Should be fun!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


Gwenn said...

Happy Belated to your little man, and congrats on graduating preschool!

I was just talking about spit getting on birthday cake the other day, yucko! LOL

I love the roller skate cakes too :)

Mellissa said...

The cap and gown is so cute! Such a big day for a 5 year old. Fall is going to be here quickly.

Singlemommyhood said...

Happy Birthday, Logan!

Your son is adorable. What a clever cake. Your readers are SO right. Fall will be here before you know it.