Thursday, May 20, 2010

Prince charming

As I've mentioned before, Jordan is developing into quite the climber. He falls and clunks his head all the time, but gets right back up and does it again after a little cry.

I've been removing things here and there that he could climb on and hurt himself, like the three-tier plant stand (too tall) and the gliding footstool that goes with my glider rocker (it doesn't lock in one position like some do, and I caught the little monkey standing up and "surfing" on it several times!).

Other things, like the little blue chairs that go with the little blue kids' table in my kitchen are still there. He climbs them constantly.

Well, he was playing in his room the other day --a safe zone, I thought-- and I peeked in to discover he'd managed to climb up onto Granny's rocker. The most precious part was, he got a book up there, too, and was sitting there "reading" it. This is where we read books at bedtime.

I was incredibly charmed. Especially when he looked up and caught me photographing him and gave me this sweet smile.

Then, he shoved the book to the floor, turned himself around, stood up, gripped the bars and began rocking the chair while standing up on it.

When I reprimanded him, he sank to his knees and gave me this look.
"Who, me? I wasn't doing anything wrong, Mom!"

Little imp!


Tina said...

Aww! Too cute. And tell Jordan "cowabunga" for me. :)

Gwenn said...

That is sooo cute! Sophia has done that in our rocker but she gets scared when she stands up and it starts rocking lol.