Friday, May 28, 2010

Fine Doodles Review 2

A while back, I wrote about Fine Doodles, and the awesome painting Summer Myers did from a drawing of Logan's.

Well, I didn't mention --because it wasn't her fault-- that the painting got a little damaged on the way here. It appears someone dropped it on its side, and there was a part of the painting that was buckled in and chipped away.

Well, Summer was mortified that had happened, and she actually offered to do another painting for me. Well, of COURSE I jumped on that! Her work is amazing.

But what drawing to choose?

I finally decided on a drawing Logan had done for my dad of his camp up on the Two-Hearted River. Logan had drawn the camp with him, Grandpa and Ivy the dog, and my dad had fallen so in love with it, he had framed it and hung it at camp.

I thought a Fine Doodle of that drawing would make a great Father's Day gift, so I asked to borrow it, and then I shipped it off to Summer.

The painting arrived on Wednesday and I swear I nearly wet my pants with joy when I saw it. This woman has such a creative artist's eye. I LOVE what she does with kids' artwork. She keeps the spirit of their drawings, but really makes them POP off the canvas. It's art, pure and simple.

This is the original drawing Logan did of Grandpa's camp when he was three

And here's how the painting turned out!

The happy artist

Close-up of Logan and Grandpa (Logan said when he first drew the picture that the big one was Logan and the little one was Grandpa with his beard blowing in the breeze.)

And Ivy (or, as Logan wrote, Iva) the dog, who was alive at the time of the drawing but is now buried at the camp.

I am so tickled with the way this painting turned out. I love the colors, the way the camp and outhouse look, Logan's awesome pine trees in the upper right corner and the sweet little pines Summer scattered throughout. It's just perfect and I can't wait to give it to my dad for Father's Day. I think he's going to flip!

Seriously, if your child likes to draw, send something over to Summer at Fine Doodles and let her turn it into something really special that you will treasure forever.


MarciaG said...

I loved the first time you reviewed this company and passed it on to a few friends. Thanks for the reminder---this is so creative!!

On another note- the Punk Rope you reviewd a while back---well the certification is coming to a YMCA near Port Huron this summer!