Monday, May 24, 2010

How's it growing?

I'm starting to get some baby stuff in my garden!

Many of my lettuces are ready for a first cutting. FRESH SALAD TONIGHT! I have a pretty variety growing in my salad table, the little ring I planted and in a window box on my deck.

My broccoli plants (I think. Could be the cauliflowers. The plants look similar. The baby looks like broccoli to me, though.) have babies in them

I have little strawberries growing by the fence

And some herbs and other stuff scattered about in pots on my deck.

The peas by the fence are only so-so and my spinach isn't doing great at all this year for some reason. Almost none of it came up and what did isn't growing well. Not sure why. Last year it did great.

I have some other stuff to plant but I've kind of run out of room. I might have to clear out a bit of the lettuce to make some space. I got a couple kale and collard plants from the farmer's market and wanted to plant some radishes and maybe something else, too.

So, we'll just have to see what happens!


Shanilie said...

Wow! It's growing already! Fresh garden vegetables and lettuce from the garden will be sooo tasty.

Gwenn said...

Awesome! The spinach I planted didn't grow either, but my carrots,mescline,tomatoes, and peppers are doing great so far!