Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Body After Baby update


Another week down. One pound closer to my goal. Yep. I lost a pound this week. Yay! It's SOMETHING anyway!

I've continued working out every day. That's no challenge at all. I've been eating pretty well. Some days are better than others. The days I'm really tired from being up so much with Jordan find me snacking more often and on less healthy options due to craving quick energy. Those days I try to make better choices but find that I don't care as much because I am just exhausted. It'll pass eventually.

Coming up on Jordan's first birthday this weekend. I am planning mostly healthy food for his little party. The sandwiches are on Hawaiian rolls, which aren't great for you but at least they're small and portion-controlled. I also plan to have a cupcake. Maybe even two! :)

I've run 32.5 miles so far this year. Still on track with the mile-a-day average. That will change, I hope, in the warmer weather.

This past week's workouts:
Wed- 25 minutes on elliptical (high intensity intervals for 20 min) and lower body weights
Thu-ran 2 1/2 miles in -4 wind chill!
Fri-30 min easy stationary bike
Sat-ran 1.5 miles and then did full-body weights (single arm/leg exercises)
Sun-20 minutes stair climber, 10 minute incline walk on treadie, abs
Mon-2 rounds of the Spartacus circuit (got a comment from an older gentleman when I was done. "Wow! You really work HARD!")
Tue-ran 3.25 miles

Took some "progress" photos this morning in the same old bathing suit. It's not pretty. I still have about 15 pounds of the 50 I gained when pregnant, but I am almost done nursing so hopefully the pounds won't be quite so "stuck" once I'm not a milk machine anymore.

Anyway, I've come far in a year.

Here's Feb. 1, 2009, 6 days before having Jordan. (Yes, I've shared this photo several times before. It still amazes me how huge I was!)

And here's this morning, Feb. 3, 2010. Like I said, still a long way to go, and I'll never be a bikini model, but progress has been made. It's nice to remind myself of that from time to time.

Check out the Mama Notes blog here. It's one of my favorites. I love reading about Samantha's little guy Lucas, who's about a month younger than Jordan. She's been hosting the Body After Baby challenges since June.

have a great day!


Samantha said...

you look FANTASTIC!!! Good for you, exercising every day! That is awesome, keep up the good work!

Crystal HW said...

Great work!!

Beth W. said...

You look awesome . . . keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Great job on that pound! One closer to your goal. And you are looking great!

Harmony said...

Wow I think you look great! 1lb is a great loss for the week I wish I looked that good in my bathing suit.

Melinda said...

wow, a year? you look great!

Lisa said...

Girl, you look great! I wish I would have looked that good 1 year after having either of my children. First time, I was already 3 months pregnant by the time she turned one! Now the second is almost 2 and I still have 10 lbs to go!
Keep up the awesome work!!!