Friday, February 5, 2010

Chick Lit swap meet, anyone?

One thing about being a fast reader, I am done with books really quickly. Only a very select few get a permanent home on my book shelves. Others, even if I enjoyed them, aren't necessarily books I plan to read over and over again. That's why I don't generally buy books unless I've already read them or at least checked them out quite a bit.

But once in a while, I fall victim to the "have to buy a book" monster. This usually happens at Target. I'm not sure why. They have a great selection of chick lit, I guess. I always find about a dozen books I want to buy at Target at any given time.

Anyway, I have a pile of books sitting here. I have a bunch of old Ann Rule true crime books my grandma gave me that I'm going to take to the library to donate because I don't feel like I'm ever going to read them and they're taking up space.

I also have some shiny almost-new random chick lit that I bought here and there and I got to thinking that maybe someone else might have the same problem, so here's what I'm proposing...

For now, I'm going to offer up three books: The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic and a book called Tantalize, which is a vampire-werewolf fantasy romance kind of book.

I'm wondering if any of you (United States only, sorry. I can't afford to spend a ton on shipping!) have any interest in any of these books and can offer me a good, gently-used piece of chick lit in return. Anyone want to do a book swap?

One book I want to read is My Sister's Keeper, if anyone has that and is done with it. I've only read one other Jodi Picoult book before (Salem's Falls) but I hear most of her stuff is good.

I also like easy reads like Emily Giffin (I think I've read all hers, but there are plenty of similar ones out there, I think.)

I'm brain-fried lately so I can't handle anything too heavy! These days I prefer fun, girly stuff I guess. I've just checked out Chelsea Handler's books from the library if that tells you anything.

Well, anyway, if you have any interest in any of the three books I have and if you have something to offer in return, send me an e-mail ( or leave a comment here or DM me on Twitter (@hikermom13) or whatever. Ask me questions about my books, let me know what you have, and we'll see if we can work out a swap.