Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy first birthday Jordan, part 2

The birthday party on Saturday went well. We had the room from 11-12:30, and couldn't get in more than 15 minutes in advance, so we didn't do much in the way of decorating.

We had a simple lunch of Hawaiian roll deli sandwiches, baby carrots, grapes, pretzels and pickles, and I made funfetti cupcakes. Everyone seemed to like the food.

Instead of organized activities or games, we just brought a big bag of beach balls, some giant coloring books, and some coloring pages I made of Jordan. It was all a big hit with the kids! I think they had more fun coloring and running around with the beach balls than they would have with set-in-stone games or activities.

Jordan was amazed by the two balloons tied to his chair.

Jordan really loved it when we sang Happy Birthday to him. he sat there looking kind of amazed while trying to reach out and grab the cupcake with the lit "1" candle on it (same candle that was on Logan's cupcake when he turned one. It's going into my memory box!)

He also really loved the cupcake and kept trying to feed chunks of it to my father-in-law.

After we opened the gifts--Jordan got a lot of nice books, some money, and a couple toys--we headed to the pool and all the kids had so much fun at the open swim, playing with the fountains and in the whirlpool and going down the waterslides.

I think the grownups that chose to get in had fun too. My mom did! See?

After the party we headed home. Jordan didn't even make it out of the community center before he crashed. He was so exhausted. We hadn't been able to get him to take a nap before the party. My parents came over for a bit before heading back up north.

This morning, on his actual birthday, Jordan woke up quite crabby. He either has something going on with his ears or he's working on more teeth. He keeps tugging his ears. His voice is kind of scratchy, too. He's been sleeping more than usual and eating like crazy, too, all weekend.

We were going to go out to breakfast but he was in such a mood, we decided to get him down for a nap and go to lunch instead. We went to a family restaurant in town and he had a grilled cheese, applesauce, the tomatoes off my salad and some vanilla ice cream. He enjoyed his birthday lunch! We had fun rubbing his balloon on the ducky fuzz on his head and making it stand up.

We came home and he got crabby again after a while. He has a well-baby visit on Tuesday morning, so we'll see what's going on. No fever or anything like that or I'd be taking him in to the doctor sooner.

Now here's the weird thing, today Jordan went down for both naps with me just rocking him for a couple minutes then putting him in his crib fully awake. He'd be sitting there looking at me and I'd leave the room and he wouldn't cry, then after a couple more minutes he'd just lay down and go to sleep. He did that for both naps AND bedtime! Either he's sick, this routine is finally working, or I just got lucky. Time will tell.

I went for a jog this evening outside. As I ran, I got a belly ache and I was actually thinking about where I had been a year ago, when I was in labor, to help me push through the run. All of a sudden, I went to cross a street and there was a Jeep sitting there waiting to go. The driver waved me through, and I looked and it was my OBGYN, who delivered both my boys. Ironic!

After dinner tonight I got Jordan cleaned up (from more cake mess. I plan to share some messy cake pics on Wordless Wednesday this week) and went in his room to put him to bed. We read my favorite story (Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers and illustrated by Marla Frazee) and I sat there and rocked him for a few minutes. The time was ticking away and it was getting closer to 8:18 p.m. and my baby boy was almost exactly a year old.

Yes, I cried.

So, yeah, he's officially one now. Has been for almost an hour. I can't believe it.